Porcelain Origins, Porcelain’s latest concept store at Paragon, is named in remembrance of those who helped build us into four unique brands today, and to symbolize a space where ideas and concepts originate — beyond the realm of beauty and skincare. Thus, Porcelain Origins also houses a lounge for its clients: a quaint café that serves light snacks and refreshments, thus enhancing the experience for clients pre- or post-treatment. Porcelain Origins, then, hopes to become a haven for clients to rest, or even be with their friends – creating a Porcelain community.


Porcelain Signatures, our flagship store, was launched in 2017 to feature our greatest hits. By integrating preventive, corrective and maintenance care, Signatures provides holistic skincare solutions and offers our full plethora of treatments. With its visually captivating interior and location within the CBD at Tanjong Pagar Centre, Porcelain Signatures is an accessible refuge from our demanding lifestyles.


Our first brand, started in 2009, is a cosy spa located within a quaint shophouse in central Singapore. Preserving its asian heritage, Porcelain Face Spa adopts a luxe, yet homely and cosy atmosphere. Signature treatments available here are our award-winning Quintessential (TM) Facial, as well as the Endymed 3Deep(TM) Fractional Skin Resurfacing Facial.


Porcelain Aesthetics was created to focus on maintenance and preventive care, while featuring innovative equipment treatments. All equipment are only brought in after rigorous, almost-fanatical research and testing between an average of 6 to 12 months, to ensure our standards of quality and service are never compromised. It also features a retail bar for clients to experience the Porcelain range of skincare products.



Porcelain's products are all in-house formulations based on constant interactions with our clients and rigorous R&D by our very founders. Besides our award-winning range of treatments that target a myriad of skin woes, our curated range of products are also steadily gaining recognition in the industry. Together, they are designed to be built into a holistic, personalized skincare experience for you. Trust that we will always find a way out for you, with you. Porcelain skin will no longer be a dream.


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