At Porcelain, we have a highly skilled and professional team of therapists. All therapists are required to undergo a minimum of 3 months of vigorous training and tests before they are introduced to our clients. Moreover, extraction facials are only performed by those who have honed their skills over a compulsory 6-month training period. We set the bar high to ensure that each and every treatment is conducted safely, and with excellence.

We foster craftsmanship by focusing on developing the three key pillars of our business: Our people, our technology, and our products.

1. People Development

We believe in nurturing the most passionate people as attitude is of higher salience than aptitude in our organization. All therapists are taken under the wing of our Director Aesthetician, who has over 20 years of experience in the industry. In their own Porcelain journeys, our therapists continue to build their passion and constantly find ways to push themselves to greater heights.

2. Technology

No matter how skilled our therapists are, there is a limit to what bare hands can achieve. Thus, Porcelain places a strong emphasis on technology to augment results. Our clients remain reassured that the team invests much time into conducting rigorous studies and multiple rounds of stringent testing before introducing any new equipment to our operations.

3. Products

Porcelain’s products are all in-house formulations based on constant interactions with our clients and rigorous R&D by our very founders. Years of R&D go into crafting every single product, as together with our treatments, they are designed to be built into a holistic, personalized skincare experience for you. Our staff uses Porcelain products, due to our strong belief in our own creation.


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