faq for porcelain sg app

is the Porcelain SG app still available? Can i use that instead?

Unfortunately, the Porcelain SG App is no longer available. However, the new Porcelain app can be downloaded for free on Google Play and Apple App Store instead.



why should i download this app?

As a higher priority is placed on bookings made through the app, it will be an easier and smoother experience for customers when it comes to booking their appointments. In addition, customers will be the first to view promotions on their push notifications.

what can this app do?

Customers will be able to peruse through a wide range of available timings, make bookings easily, view their past visits, their current appointment schedule, past purchases and the remaining treatments left on their packages.

how do i get my log in details for the app?

You may login via your mobile phone number that you have registered with us during your visit. The system will automatically sync your account details to your Porcelain app. In the case of multiple users sharing the same mobile number, please contact us at 6227 9692.

why am i unable to find slots for my desired treatment on the app?

Timings displayed are dependent on the specific treatments and locations, especially for the extractions and premium facials. Do take note that certain treatments are exclusively offered at specific outlets as indicated in the drop down menu.

how many months in advance are treatment slots released?

Typically, treatment slots are opened up to 2 months in advance (eg. October’s slots will be released in August).

how do i include add-ons into my facial bookings on the app?

There is a section under Book an appointment where you can select your desired add-ons. If no add-ons are required, you may leave the section un-selected.

when I book an appointment on the app, can i take it that it has been confirmed?

All bookings made on the app are regarded as appointment requests and not confirmed timings. The booking will appear under “Upcoming appointments” if the slot is confirmed.

i requested for a specific timing on the app (eg. 6.45pm) but the app still shows a timing earlier/later than what i have chosen (eg. 6.30pm / 7.00pm). why is this so?

We hope to fully maximize slots for all customers as there can be a huge demand for treatments on certain days. As a result, some treatments have to be set at the timings displayed to comfortably suit everyones needs.

how do i select my preferred therapist for treatments?

Under  “Select Therapist” simply choose your desired therapist to see their available treatment slots.

Please choose another date if there are no available slots.

can i use the app to cancel confirmed bookings?

Yes, bookings can be cancelled via the app 72 hours in advance. If there is less than 72 hours before the appointment, it will be best to contact Client Relations to reschedule.

can i sync up my appointment bookings with my phone calendar?

Unfortunately the app is unable to do that as of now, but we definitely have that on our list of new features so stay tuned!