Bridal Skin Preparation: The Crucial Week Before the Wedding

Credits to: Harper's Bazaar

Credits to: Harper’s Bazaar

The week before the wedding is known as the time that Murphy’s Law goes into full force: dress alterations go astray, family members pull out of the seating arrangements without notice, and the rings go missing.

It is therefore understandable why some brides-to-be experience a number of skincare issues during this crucial period. Stress, though felt internally, can actually show externally: under eye bags and darkness become more pronounced, faces can become dry and flaky, whilst skin on the body can become acne-prone as well.

Hence, any facial treatments done so close to the big day should focus on soothing, repairing and relaxing the skin. As a rule, try to avoid anything that might trigger a detoxification. Here are some facials we highly recommend to help calm your complexions (and your minds!) down.


Sun Rescue Facialcombi-skin

Our Sun Rescue Facial was originally formulated for sun-damaged complexions, but became vastly popular as the perfect restorative treatment for tired skin.

It entails a three-pronged approach of Calming, Repairing and Hydrating through an infusion of pure oxygen through an oxygen hyperbaric spray and the usage of cryotherapy (a process of cooling skin to a temperature of up to -10 degrees with the use of a cryoprobe and electrophoresis) to soothe stressed skin and stimulate repair. The treatment ends with an anti-inflammatory mask on the skin that further hydrates and locks in moisture.

Skins that suffer from constant redness and sensitivity will greatly benefit from this treatment.


Pick me Up with LED

This facial is known as the perfect Lunchtime Pick Me Up (literally!) – A great option for brides-to-be who are constantly on the ball. Its fast, effective and, most importantly, safe process also make it the number one treatment choice for those who wish to do one a day before the wedding.

This express facial, which can be completed in 30 minutes, includes a massage exfoliation, premium custom blended mask, LED light therapy and a relaxing shoulder massage. The colors of the LED lights can even be customized based on your skincare concerns: blue light with antibacterial properties to help those with redness and acne issues, and red to stimulate collagen and speed up recovery.

Upon completion of the treatment, one will leave the spa with skin that is rejuvenated, significantly hydrated and brightened.


Add – Ons

We also offer Add-On services such as Get Your Sexy Back (Luxx), Age Defying Neck (Luxx) and RevitalEye (Luxx) which are quick effective solutions for pesky skincare problems.

Get Your Sexy Back (Luxx) is a great choice for those who plan to wear low-back or bareback wedding gowns and wish to have flawless skin.

Age Defying Neck (Luxx) is perfect for ladies who wish to reverse the signs of aging on their neck – either through lightening neck lines, skin tone or texture.

RevitalEye (Luxx) brightens the windows to your soul by countering puffy eyes, dark circles, eyebags and fine lines.

Each add-on takes an extra 45 – 90 minutes to a typical facial session and include customized serums/ampoules, masks and LED light therapy.