Are you a frequent traveller? Your favourite airline might be thanking you with miles but your skin might not be as grateful. When you’re jet-setting around the world for work, caring for your skin might feel like the lowest on your list of priorities. How should you care for your skin when you’re constantly on the go? A client recently asked us this, and we’re here to share the care for those of you who have the same question.


I’m a fan of this one. It really doesn’t matter if I look stupid on the plane ride there. I just need to look like I snuggled in at a plush bed the night before instead of having made a red-eye flight, right? Nobody has to know. On your flight to The Business Destination, slip on a deeply hydrating mask to help boost tired, dull-looking skin.

But don’t fall asleep with it! Keep it on for a max of 20 minutes, or osmosis will draw all the moisture back out of your skin into the mask when it’s paper dry.

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There really isn’t a quick fix for this. Double cleansing is one of the most fundamental, important steps in skincare so I’m sorry but – non-negotiable. In fact, I might be making your skincare regime work slightly harder for you. If you use make-up for work, use olive oil to gently remove it, and cleanse twice with our Revive – Makeup Cleanser if necessary. Follow up with your usual cleanser, toning, serums and moisturizers.


If you suffer from combination skin, use a clay mask on your T-zone before applying a hydrating mask (try our Biocellulose Hydrocare Mask). Clay masks help draw out impurities without causing irritation and also decrease excess sebum production. Top this off with a super moisturizing mask to pump skin with hydration. When your skin is sufficiently moisturized, it’ll naturally look brighter, smoother, and healthier.


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When you’re always hustling, your skin is the first giveaway that you’re completely worn out. It’s handy to keep a facial mist with you for a quick pick-me-up in the middle of the day, or in between meetings. I love our Soothe – Deep Hydrating Lotion because aside from smelling like roses, its jojoba oils help lock moisture in my face (oil is needed to retain water in your skin)! Another appointment in 10 minutes? I’m there!

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I’ve always wanted to have an Aunt Agony column and now we do – only ours is a beauty column! Entitled “Dear Pauline”, we will have it up on WearOhWhere for just 3 months and the first is up here! Like our #BareWithMe campaign, we collaborate with different women from all walks of life. Still centred on honest conversations, we stack up their beauty and skincare woes against our MD Pauline Ng’s skincare savvy / prowess / expertise. Can Pauline answer them all?

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We had to do this first column ourselves, but we really want this to be all about you! After all, what’s a beauty column without answering our readers’ questions? You’ll have 2 more chances to throw us beauty and skincare questions you’ve always wondered about, and we’ll have them answered in the next post. So, read our first #DearPauline exchange with MTV VJ Hanli Hoeffer here, and leave us a comment below to share your woes! We promise to be honest.

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And one last thing… #DearPauline isn’t going to be your typical beauty column where we answer only skincare woes. Our candid, open conversation goes beyond skin deep, as we take a deep dive into Hanli’s life as a teen, her definition of beauty, and how she really feels about being 1.75m tall… amongst other things. You might just find yourself struck by honest truths like

“Spend time in the nude more often, laugh at yourself when you can… and learn to let go of the things you can’t control.”

How can we not love this girl?

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I have two theories as to why guilty pleasures are termed “guilty”: Someone out there is trying to stop us from enjoying ourselves, or someone is trying to amp the joy from doing them. In Hermione’s words, “It’s sort of exciting, isn’t it? Breaking the rules.” Either way, if it doesn’t involve breaking into someone’s house or breaking the bank, keep indulging! It’s the small pleasures in life that matter, and we all deserve some happiness – guilty or not.

Convinced? Read on for 3 quick ways to make your life one big guilty pleasure.


Make guilty pleasures a daily thing.

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Life is depressing enough. Or if you’re a hopeless positivist, life can be even better than it already is! Whether it’s a trashy romance novel, Backstreet Boys, or rewatching Titanic again for the 20th time, you know you deserve it when you’ve worked so hard the entire day. Make it happen – every day.


Make guilty pleasures a priority.

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If you’re anything like me (that is, *clears throat* giving, kind and always putting others first), you might tend to procrastinate doing something nice for yourself. Don’t! You are as important as anyone else, so make some time each day to indulge in a little “guilty” (read: liberating, exciting, good) fun.


Try something that you’ve always wanted, but never dared to.

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And the best tip of all, and this is one of my favourites – just do something so radically different, something so “not you,” but something that you’ve secretly always wanted to… People might laugh! Family might scoff! Laughing friends might deride (cue Smoke Gets in Your Eyes)! But if hooking your leg and swinging around that dance pole is what you really want to do, put them 6-inch heels on! It might be for you (like you’d always suspected it’d be), or it might not – but do you know what you’ll find in return? A liberating, cat-stretching sense of self-gratification that You. Did. It. All because you wanted to, even if it was something others might judge you for!

You might already know… I am convincing you as much as I’d already convinced myself. I’ve already made it a plan to indulge in my own set of guilty pleasures, and the best feeling is when I let the world know about them. That’s liberation and a confidence surge when you own it!

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If this is new to you, trust me – I was surprised to learn this too! Dry skin and dehydrated skin are two different things, and you could worsen the issue if you don’t use the right products (and treatments) to remedy it. Let’s have a quick definition breakdown first:

Dry skin is a skin type that doesn’t produce much oil (also known as sebum)
Dehydrated skin is a skin condition where your skin lacks water

Now, here are some fuss-free takeaways with added care tips!


You cannot have both oily and dry skin.

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Simply put, you have oily skin when your skin produces oil (you don’t say)! On the flipside, dry skin doesn’t (not enough, anyway). Your skin can be oily and dehydrated, but never oily and dry. Therefore, many people with seemingly oily skin don’t realize it’s dehydrated — not dry. They then mistakenly use products with higher oil content, but what they need are water-based products to boost hydration. On to the next point!


Dry skin and dehydrated skin require different skincare products.

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Because dry skin doesn’t produce (much) oil, that’s exactly what it needs. As counterintuitive as it sounds, the skin needs oil to retain water! A good analogy to understand this? Take leather for example: you need to frequently condition it with oil to maintain it. On the contrary, when you add water to it, it usually just cracks after some time. Why is this? That’s because, in the absence of oil, the water rapidly evaporates… and takes away the existing water with it too. It’s really the same for your skin, so opt for moisturizers that have higher oil / cream content instead, to help lock water in.

And while dehydrated skin does produce oil, it lacks water. Sometimes, this lack of hydration is the culprit of excess oiliness. The solution is to use gentle, water-based products (not oil-based ones!) to replenish hydration. Avoiding harsh products also helps reduce tightness in the skin. 


Your skin needs a good balance of oil and water.

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Meaning, everyone needs a balance of moisture and hydration. Yes, that’s another mind-boggling fun fact: Moisture = Oil, and Hydration = Water! When these are in equilibrium, your skin will be naturally smooth, glowing, and radiant from within. That’s why our Balance – Sebum Control Essence is one of our star products (all our staff use this); it’s the very foundation of our #FoundationFreeConfidence (no pun intended)!

It feels like a Science class today, doesn’t it?

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External skin care is important. However, there are times when you fail to observe a change in your skin, even when you’ve adopted a new skincare routine or trying out a new line of skincare products. If you feel like you’ve been doing everything right but still experiencing problems with your skin, it may boil down to one factor: lifestyle. In that case, it’s perhaps time to review your lifestyle habits as our lifestyle, i.e., food and exercise may (surprisingly) cause a great deal of impact our skin.

Here are a few common lifestyle factors that can affect our skin:

1. Nutrition

“Der Mensch ist, was er ißt.”

– Ludwig Andreas Feuerbach

“Man is what he/she eats.” This notion often refers to the correlation between our physical fitness and our diet, but may very well apply to our physical appearance as well. If you’re a fan of our humble blog (props to you) and have been keeping up with our previous posts, you should know very well that whatever goes on in the inside shows up on the outside and skin health is not only dependent on the plethora of skincare routines and products but also the food we put in our bodies on the daily.

The secret to healthy, glowing skin is simple. Since the skin is the largest organ and also the last to receive nutrients, eating a diet rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytonutrients will ensure that it receives the nutrients it deserves!

Don’t forget to hydrate too! Not drinking enough water every day may lead to dehydration which aggravates any current skin condition you have and also cause dry and flaky skin.

2. Stress

Ever noticed how whatever we experience in our life seems to show on our face? When we’re constantly stressed out, we can expect acne and dark circles under our eyes. These much-dreaded symptoms are caused by the release of various hormones whenever our body encounters stress. One of these hormones in particular that wreaks havoc on our skin – cortisol.

Cortisol is a natural hormone that helps the body deal with stress and is harmless in small amounts, as it serves as a short term coping mechanism our body adopts. The excess of cortisol released when stress is experienced can exacerbate many skin issues such as acne, eczema and psoriasis. Stress can also compromise the skin’s barrier function, resulting in water loss. If our skin loses its ability to hold onto water, it becomes dehydrated and ultimately results in aging skin.

We’d like to stress (excuse the pun) the fact that stress is inevitable and an inescapable part of living. However, there are some simple and effective ways to help our body and skin better deal with stress.

Some ways to relieve stress are:

– Getting adequate, or plenty of sleep daily
– Try exercises such as yoga or meditation
– Exercise regularly
– Eat plenty of healthy foods and drink lots of water

3. Exercise

The next time you’re working out towards getting that dream bod (#fitspo #fitfam anyone?), remember that the benefits of exercise may go far beyond keeping you in shape or adding muscle tone, such as keeping your skin younger and reversing skin aging.

Increased blood flow during exercise will help to flush cellular debris out of your skin system, as blood carries not only oxygen and nutrients to working cells throughout the body but also help to carry waste products away from working cells.

During exercise, the tiny arteries in your skin open up, allowing more blood to reach the skin’s surface and deliver nutrients that repair damage from the sun and environmental pollutants. These nutrients also rev up the skin’s collagen production, thwarting wrinkles.

Don’t let your efforts go to waste! If you prefer working out outdoors, ensure that you apply sunscreen as prolonged sun exposure can actually take away the benefits of the exercise.

4. Sleep

Not catching up them ZZZ’s can do a surprising number on your skin. When you deprive yourself of sleep, you’re actually depriving your brain, body and skin, of nourishment, as sleep can be seen as food for the body. With enough rest, your brain gets rid of 60% more toxins when you get the proper amount of sleep, and with proper rest, not only do you feel more refreshed when you get up, your skin also gets more #glowing in the morning.

The results of not getting enough rest include your skin getting dehydrated due to an imbalance of PH levels, dark circles and under eye-bags. Not getting enough sleep decreases the moisture levels of your skin and lowers your complexion’s pH levels, which why you maybe have noticed that your skin looks less glowy and youthful.


5. Habits

We all love a good cocktail every now and then. However, most drinkers fail to realize how big an impact alcohol can actually make on our health and skin.

Alcohol induces inflammation throughout your body (and skin, of course) and dehydration is just one of man that it causes. Dullness, enlarged pores, sagging, fine lines and lacklustre skin are just some of the symptoms that can result within the skin.

When taken excessively, it also alters blood flow to the skin and leaves an unhealthy appearance for days. This is caused by the widening of small blood vessels in the skin which allows more blood to flow close to the surface. This is why you usually find your face to be flushed and experience a feeling of warmth on your face.

Another vice: Cigarettes. Cigarettes contain nicotine which causes thinning of the blood vessels. Chronic smokers more often than not look older than their actual age and it’s not surprising, as nicotine causes a reduction in oxygen supply to the skin which accelerates the ageing process, thus causing the skin to look duller.

If you’re looking to have glowing and flawless skin, make sure you follow a good skincare routine and remember, moderation is key. Adopting a healthy lifestyle goes a long way in maintaining not just a healthier body, but also a healthier skin!