Milia Seeds 101

What are Milia Seeds?

Pretty as they sound, these are not flower seeds. Also known as oil seeds, milia seeds are keratin-filled bumps that usually develop around the eye and nose area. They’re the bane of every quest to silky smooth skin because they cause a rough and uneven skin texture. Commonly found in people of all ages, milia seeds are formed when the skin does not slough off normally and are trapped in pores. No so pretty now, are they?



What Causes Milia Seeds?

Milia seeds are often caused by overly rich creams or oil-based skin care products. For some people, milia seeds are hereditary or caused by hormonal changes. Certain medications and pollutants also result in milia seeds. However, before you start panicking about those little white bumps on your face, do note that milia seeds are fairly harmless.

How To Prevent Milia Seeds?

Avoid using creams that are too rich for your eye area as the richness might cause pore blockages. Rich concealers are often silent causes of milia seeds as people use them often to cover up dark eye circles. Consider using an oil-free lotion or cream and possibly change products altogether, as an allergy may also be a cause. Sunburns may also cause damage leading to the cysts, so be sure to wear sunblock if burning is a problem. Most importantly, keep your hands off your face to prevent excess bacteria from getting onto your face!



How To Get Rid Of Milia Seeds?

Common ways of treating milia include the use of a topical retinoid cream such as tretinoin, tazarotene or adapalene; removal with a sterile lancet or scalpel followed by the use of a comedone extractor, a tool used to remove whiteheads and blackheads; a series of fruit acid peels or microdermabrasion procedures; and carbon dioxide laser treatment. You should consult a dermatologist or aesthetic specialist for the appropriate course of treatment. Most importantly, do not try to remove them by squeezing them yourself, as it will very likely lead to scars.

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