Skin Preparations for Wedding (Part 1)

Credits to: Apartment Therapy

Credits to: Apartment Therapy

Weddings aren’t called the “Big Day” for no reason. Walking down the aisle is a very special occasion that many of us have dreamt about since we were six.

One thing all brides want is to look their absolute best – that may mean having radiant glowing skin for some, and for others, it is to remedy their existing skin issues. The stress of prepping for the wedding may also show its signs on your skin, and we are not leaving anything to chance for you to get that amazing glow on D-DAY!

At Porcelain, we believe in being with you every step of the way, leading up to your wedding, and have created a 2 part series to explore different skincare regimes to help brides to be achieve perfect skin.


Tip 1 – Use safe, gentle products for your skin

Some brides-to-be can be tempted to stray from their tried-and-tested routine to try out the latest fad products or those that their friends have told them “gives miraculous results”. This isn’t always wise, because the wrong ingredient at any moment can trigger breakouts, allergies, or an entire imbalance of the skin’s pH level (read more about that here).

Instead, it is best to stick to skin-loving, gentle products for the months leading up to the wedding. Try to read the ingredients list to ensure there isn’t much harsh chemicals, and stick with your existing regime, especially if it works for you.

Balance, Sebum Control Essence

Balance, Sebum Control Essence

To help balance your pH levels, we have the Balance, Sebum Control Essence to the rescue. It contains 50% Sodium Hyaluronate to lock in cellular moisture and a blend of botanicals such as T-Tree and Horse Chestnut Extract to reduce breakouts.

To reduce skin sensitivity and redness, consider the Soothe, Aloe Recovery Gel as it contains 99% pure Stabilized Aloe Vera and is great for boosting the skin’s resilience so that your skin is strong enough to repair itself. It also reduces inflammation so your skin wouldn’t look red and angry from any sun-burns or break-outs.


Tip 2 – Schedule your Facials

Depending on your skin issues, you may require varying levels of commitment to get that perfect visage you’re looking for.

If you have problematic skin, we suggest to start scheduling a series of facial as early as 1 year before and we typically start clients off with a series of OxyRevive with LED and Quintessential treatments. Closer to the big day, we will switch the treatments to focus more on lifting, hydrating and skin brightening, including a blend of Cryotherapy, Radio Frequency and Sun Rescue Facials.

For non-problematic skin, come to us at least three months prior the big day for your customized treatment plans. Depending on the concerns, we are able to schedule a combination of key aesthetic treatments to achieve the results you want – with great success rates.