Evening Primrose Oil: 7 Benefits for Skin

What is Evening Primrose Oil?

Primrose oil is extracted evening primrose plant seeds, a native plant in the Europe, North America and parts of the southern hemisphere. Its seeds, roots and leaves contain high medicinal value and are used widely in cooking. Primrose oil contains a high level of omega-6 fatty acids which have a beneficial effect on our human body. Other than fighting numerous ailments such as chronic fatigue, PMS, heart problems, it is good for our hair and skin too.

1. Rejuvenates

With a high concentration of antioxidants, it helps to fight the formation of free radicals caused by pollution, sun exposure, stress, etc. Free radicals cause our skin to look exhausted and wear. Primrose oil’s antioxidants fight these to prevent skin damage. On top of that, it revitalizes the skin!

2. Prevents aging

Everyone wants to avoid ageing. However, our lifestyle of inadequate sleep, poor diets, repetitive facial expressions and exposure to the sun add up to cause premature ageing. Our skin becomes saggy and lined which make us look older than our actual age. Primrose oil adds moisture to our skin, promoting the maintenance of collagen skin elasticity.

3. Hydrates

The skin requires sufficient moisture to properly function; it is crucial to avoid excessive dryness. Primrose oil is known for maintaining a balance of moisture in amazing ways, helping our skin to look young and glowing.

4. Provides relief from eczema, psoriasis and rosacea

Eczema sufferers have found great relief through applying primrose oil on affected areas. It gently moisturises and soothes, providing relief for psoriasis as well. It also helps produce prostaglandins which aid in rosacea’s symptoms. We can even add Primrose oil supplements into our diet to alleviate skin dryness.

5. Repairs

Cell reparation is boosted by Primrose oil to leave our skin looking fresh and radiant. There are many factors that destroy our skin cells leaving our skin dull and patchy. Thus, our skin needs to constantly produce and repair cells. Primrose oil aids in this process, providing us with a long-lasting glow from within.

7 Benefits of Evening Primrose Oil for Skin

6. Reduces blemishes

Because it is rich in essential fatty acids, it contains anti-inflammatory properties to aid the skin in reducing itchiness and redness, providing relief from blemishes.

7. Reduces acne

By reducing bacterial growth and infection on our skin, it shrinks acne. It may even protect from its formation if used regularly. Primrose oil has emollient properties which aid skin to be free from dryness, one of the major cause of acne and blemishes.