7 Travel Essentials + Tips!

Whether it is for work or leisure, travelling can be a big part of your life. Even as you’re jetting off, don’t leave your skincare routine behind! The air in planes is really drying on your skin, which can give you a whole host of problems stemming from dehydration and more. Not to mention that when you land, you need to be adequately prepared for the change in climate! Here are some tips and things you should be keeping in your beauty bag the next time you board a plane.

  1. Toning mist

A mist spray is important for keeping your skin refreshed and hydrated. Nobody wants to have a dull complexion, so spritz some oxygenated toning mist on your skin for a little pick-me-up once in a while!

  1. Hand cream

The air in cabins can get a little cold, adding on to the already dry air. Unless you are planning to wear mittens on your flight (but really, do you want to?), keep a small tube of hand cream with you to moisturise your hands as they will be left exposed and dry.

  1. Lip balm

Same concept as why you need hand cream. Do you really want to begin your new journey with cracked lips?

  1. Long socks

For those who like to kick off their shoes once they get comfortable on a flight, put on a pair of long socks to keep a barrier between your feet and the floor. The carpeted floor plays host to a whole bunch of bacteria and dirt you definitely do not want to get on your feet. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that the comfort factor will go up by a notch with warm feet.

  1. Minimise makeup

Keep your makeup to a minimum, or none at all, when you travel. Skip the foundation as this can dry out your skin on top of clogging your pores. Apply moisturiser before your flight and a tinted sunscreen when you land to give your skin a boost of colour.

  1. Eyedrops

Those long-haul flights can be especially tiring for your eyes if you indulge in the inflight entertainment or read that new bestseller cover to cover. A small bottle of eyedrops can do wonders for your tired eyes and give you a refreshed look.

  1. Eye cream

Good on you if you’re one of the lucky few who have no problem falling asleep on planes! There’s no reason why you shouldn’t indulge in your night time routine on the plane. Apply your eye cream as per usual before you knock out to wake up with pretty peepers.

Before you start getting all excited and choosing your outfits for your trip, be sure to check airport regulations on bringing liquids on board. For Singapore, keep your liquids, aerosols and gels in 100ml travel-sized bottles sealed in one ziplock bag (remember only 10 such bottles are allowed). Bon voyage!