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Porcelain’s breaking it down — with our breakdown of all the jargon and essentials. Includes anything from analyses of ingredients that people say are good for you… are they, really?

Celebrities are capable of making everything look glamorous: even an exit from the airport arrival hall turns into a fashion runway for them. Their style is described as “comfy chic” no matter how messy their hair and clothing look, and their skin always gives the impression that a personal facial therapist was sitting beside them the whole way on a long flight.

Skincare for a Long Flight

Credits to: Vogue

It is then we begin to wonder: Is it really impossible for us to look equally amazing?

Fortunately, the answer is no! Just follow through with these 5 simple steps below to come out looking like a star yourself.

Begin with a Bare Face

There is nothing more important than starting the flight with bare, cleansed skin; thus packing a travel sized makeup cleanser will be vital.

Porcelain’s Revive, Makeup Cleanser (available in 30ml) is oil-free, sulfate-free, paraben-free and works as a pre-cleanser too. It boasts a wonderful blend of Orchid Extracts that loosen impurities while providing deep hydration.

After all, the low humidity in the cabin can both dry out skin and cause oily skin to product more oil, both potentially leading to wrinkle formation and an acne break out.

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Refresh Your Skin

Skincare for a Long Flight: Refresh your skin with our Hydro Cleanser

Always double cleanse thereafter as grime can collect before even the plane takes off. This extra step also helps remove residual dirt and can refresh and awaken the skin.

Porcelain’s Soothe, Hydro Cleanser (available in 30ml) is a great cleanser option as it is made up of 80% pure aloe vera, 6 natural ingredients and is free from sulfates and parabens. Allow it to hydrate your skin as you cleanse, ensuring a clear glowing complexion after.


Enjoy a Boost of Hydration

Though it might seem tempting to kick back with a coffee or apple juice, such beverages are diuretic and can cause your skin to turn drier. Stick to drinking cups of water instead, which can leave you moisturized from inside to out.

An additional boost of hydration can be gained by putting on a soothing mask. Be sure to use Porcelain’s Revive, Glycolic Toner beforehand to gently clarify your skin and prep it for the goodness of the following masking treatment.

Porcelain’s Hydrocare Bio Cellulose Mask is a heaven sent solution to weary travelers with fatigued skin. Made of an extremely form-fitting bio-cellulose material, the mask adheres tightly to your skin, ensuring maximum absorption of its powerful active ingredients that pump moisture into the skin and purify it with natural enzymes.


Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

Skincare for a Long Flight: Moisturize with our Aloe Recovery and Hydraclear Gels

To seal the goodness of the mask in, be sure to pat in moisturizer while the skin is still damp.

Porcelain’s Power Trio (Soothe, Aloe Recovery Gel, Balance, Hydraclear Gel and Pure, Botanical Soothing Gel) Gels will work together to target a whole range of skin concerns in just a minute. Simply place a pump of each product in your palm, mix them together, and simply spread them over your face.

The Aloe Recovery Gel’s restorative and anti-inflammatory powers help keep infection at bay and builds skin’s resilience. It works hand in hand with the Botanical Soothing Gel to calm dry, irritated and eczema-prone skin. The Hydraclear Gel tackles acne, bacteria and excess serum so skin will remain spot-free even after being cooped up for many hours.


Sun Protection is a Must

Skincare for a Long Flight: Sun protection with our Skin Perfecting Moisturiser

Did you know? The degree of sun exposure on board a plane is exponentially higher as you get tens of thousands of feet closer to the sun and its damaging rays. Frequent fliers – especially fans of the window seat – are facing a much higher risk of developing skin cancer. Thus, it is highly recommended to have sunscreen at the ready whenever you’re in the air.

Porcelain’s Flawless, Skin Perfecting Moisturizer with SPF 20 is a power packed two-in-one sunscreen that hydrates as it protects. Its oil-free and paraben-free active ingredients also keep skin supple and soothed. It comes with sheer coverage in two shades, so it’s a great way to arrive at the airport looking healthy and fresh.


Now, Porcelain is offering you your chance to step off the plane looking like a star!

Head over to Facebook to find out how to win 2 of Porcelain’s Skin Perfecting Moisturizers for you and your best friend!


The week before the wedding is also the time that Murphy’s Law goes into full force. Dress alterations go astray, family members pull out without notice, the rings go missing… It’s understandable why some brides-to-be experience a number of skincare issues during this crucial period. Stress can actually show externally: under eye bags and darkness become more pronounced, faces can become dry and flaky, whilst skin on the body can become acne-prone as well. Glowing bridal skin? What’s that?

Bridal Skin Preparation: The Crucial Week Before the Wedding

Credits: Harper’s Bazaar

If you opt for facials close to the big day, focus on soothing, repairing and relaxing the skin. As a general rule, avoid anything that might trigger a detoxification. Here are some facials we highly recommend to help calm your complexions (and minds!) down.

Sun Rescue FacialBridal Skin Preparation: Sun Rescue treatment

Our Sun Rescue Facial was originally formulated for sun-damaged complexions, but became vastly popular as the perfect restorative treatment for tired skin.

It entails a three-pronged approach of Calm, Repair and Hydrate. The combination of an oxygen hyperbaric spray with cryotherapy soothes stressed skin and stimulates repair. FYI, cryotherapy is a process of cooling skin to a temperature of up to -10 degrees with the use of a cryoprobe and electrophoresis. The treatment ends with an anti-inflammatory mask that further hydrates and locks in moisture.

Skin that suffers from constant redness and sensitivity will greatly benefit from this treatment.


Pick me Up with LED
Bridal Skin Preparation: Pick Me Up

This facial is known as the perfect lunchtime Pick Me Up (literally!) – a great option for brides-to-be who are constantly on the go. It’s fast, effective and, most importantly, safe. Thus, it’s the #1 treatment choice for a quick pre-wedding facial.

This express facial lasts just 30 minutes, but packs a punch. It includes a massage exfoliation, a premium custom blended mask, LED light therapy and a relaxing shoulder massage. The LED light color(s) are customized according to your skincare concerns, e.g. blue for antibacterial properties to help those with redness and acne issues.

Leave the spa with skin that is rejuvenated, significantly hydrated and brightened!

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Add – Ons

We also offer Add-On services such as Get Your Sexy Back (Luxx), Age Defying Neck (Luxx) and RevitalEye (Luxx) which are quick effective solutions for pesky skincare problems.

Get Your Sexy Back (Luxx) is a great choice for those who plan to wear low-back or bareback wedding gowns and wish to have flawless skin.

Age Defying Neck (Luxx) is perfect for ladies who wish to reverse the signs of aging on their neck – either through lightening neck lines, skin tone or texture.

RevitalEye (Luxx) brightens the windows to your soul by countering puffy eyes, dark circles, eyebags and fine lines.

Each add-on takes an extra 45 – 90 minutes to a typical facial session. It includes customized serums/ampoules, masks and LED light therapy.



Weddings aren’t called the “Big Day” for no reason. Walking down the aisle is a very special occasion that many of us have dreamt about since we were six. One thing all brides want is to look their absolute best. That may mean having radiant glowing skin for some, and for others, it is to remedy their existing skin issues. The stress of prepping for the wedding may also show on your skin, and we are not leaving your wedding skin prep to chance for you to get that amazing glow on D-DAY!

Wedding Skin Prep (Part 1) | #SkinHacks

Credits: Apartment Therapy

At Porcelain, we believe in being with you every step of the way, leading up to your wedding. Here’s Part 1 of a 2-part series to explore skincare regimes to help brides achieve perfect skin.

Tip 1 – Use safe, gentle products for your skin

Some brides-to-be are tempted to stray from their tried-and-tested routine to try out the latest fad products. Or, those that their friends have said to give “miraculous results”. This isn’t always wise, because the wrong ingredient at any moment can trigger breakouts, allergies, or an imbalance of the skin’s pH level (read more about that here).

Instead, it is best to stick to skin-loving, gentle products for the months leading up to the wedding. Try to read the ingredients list to ensure there aren’t much harsh chemicals. If possible, stick to your existing regime, especially if it works for you.

Wedding Skin Prep Tip 1 - Use safe, gentle products for your skin

To help balance your pH levels, we have the Balance, Sebum Control Essence to the rescue. It contains 50% Sodium Hyaluronate to lock in cellular moisture. Its blend of botanicals such as T-Tree and Horse Chestnut Extract also reduce breakouts.

To reduce skin sensitivity and redness, consider the Soothe, Aloe Recovery Gel as it contains 99% pure Stabilized Aloe Vera and is great for boosting the skin’s resilience so that your skin is strong enough to repair itself. It also reduces inflammation so your skin wouldn’t look red and angry from any sun-burns or break-outs.


Tip 2 – Schedule your Facials

Depending on your skin issues, you may require varying levels of commitment to get that perfect visage you’re looking for.

If you have problematic skin, we suggest to start scheduling a series of facial as early as 1 year before and we typically start clients off with a series of OxyRevive with LED and Quintessential treatments. Closer to the big day, we will switch the treatments to focus more on lifting, hydrating and skin brightening, including a blend of Cryotherapy, Radio Frequency and Sun Rescue Facials.




Tip 3 – Protect with Sunscreen

Sunscreen is vital! (read more about the difference between Sunscreen and Sunblock here). Exposure to the sun without the necessary protection can lead to premature aging through the impairment of collagen, as well as pigmentation due to overstimulated melanin production.

Many may skip sunscreen because they fear the dreaded white cast or sticky after feeling, but there are a plethora of choices now available to suit every individual’s skin type and concerns.

For example, there are tinted sunscreens for those who require mild coverage, or even mattifying sunscreens for those who want a dual function makeup base. Unfortunately, a majority of mattifying sunscreens contain a lot of silicons, which can stifle the skin’s ability to breathe and function normally.


Flawless, Skin Perfecting Moisturizer with SPF 20

Porcelain’s Flawless, Skin Perfecting Moisturizer (SPF 20) counters all these. Broad spectrum protection against UVA and UVB rays? Check. It’s also non-comedogenic, oil free and paraben free – a welcome respite from the usual greasy, tinted sunblocks. It even comes in 2 tones – light and tan – for those who would like a light coverage foundation substitute that doesn’t clog pores!


Tip 4 – Allow Time for Healing after Intensive Treatments

Certain skin issues require more attention than others. Problems such as pitted scars and enlarged pores cannot be resolved at a surface level.

Doctors and aestheticians may recommend oral medication or a series of products. Both of these require a lengthy treatment plan that not many brides-to-be are willing to undertake. Plus, they usually aren’t able to control the speed and ambiguity of their results.


Instead, we recommend Fractional Skin Resurfacing which utilizes the latest 3Deep medical radio frequency technology to penetrate deep into the skin, thereby stimulating collagen remodeling to treat uneven skin tone, acne scars and even wrinkles. One can look forward to renewed skin texture, overall firmness and refined pores after a single session.

However, such an intensive treatment does have a downtime. Clients can experience redness, sensitivity and peeling for at least 3 – 4 days. During that time, it will also be best to avoid long periods of sun exposure.

Our therapists will provide advice if two or more sessions are needed, and a treatment plan can be customized based on your time frame. (Read more about scheduling facials ahead of time here.)


For non-problematic skin, come to us at least three months prior the big day for your customized treatment plans. Depending on the concerns, we can arrange key aesthetic treatments to achieve the results you want.


Most of us associate the term “pH” with Chemistry classes. Our memories flit back to lab days and playing with the changing colors of liquids. For most, our knowledge of pH stopped at understanding that it stands for “potential hydrogen”. Plus that it’s used to describe how acidic or alkaline a product is. And maybe that the most acidic measures a 1, the most alkaline a 14, and neutral is a 7.

pH: Finding The Perfect Balance | #SkinHacks

Never did we realize or anticipate its importance in our skin’s health. When we consume unhealthy food or use incompatible products, our deteriorating complexion is normally the first sign of imbalanced pH levels.

What is the perfect pH to achieve for our skin, then, you might ask?

Our skin’s barrier, also known as the acid mantle, works best at a slightly acidic 5.5pH balance. When it is at that ideal level, the skin is able to retain the “good oils” and moisture well while keeping out UV rays, pollution, toxins and bacteria.

However, when the pH leans too much to the alkaline side, our skin becomes dry and sensitive, occasionally resulting in flaking or eczema. Irritations can also strike during this period. This slows down the skin’s ability to ward off enzymes that can destroy collagen, thereby causing wrinkles and sagging.

As for when the skin is overly acidic? Expect enlarged pores, blackheads, and acne.

Thus, equalizing the skin is of utmost importance. That balance is easily attained with a diet of fresh fruits, vegetables, and at least 8 cups of water a day. Needless to say, having a reliable skincare regimen that works well is also necessary.

A balanced skincare regimen

Often times, many run for the hills once they hear “skincare regimen” as they assume an effective one will cost an arm and a leg. Not true! In fact, a simple 4-step system (cleanser, toner, serum and moisturizer) is more than sufficient.

First, begin with a mild, or pH 5.5, cleanser so as to ensure skin is cleansed gently but effectively. Avoid using soaps which lean to the alkaline side nor over wash your skin (water has a pH level of 7). Follow through with an alcohol-free toner to maintain the acid balance as well.

Including a serum such as our Balance, Sebum Control Essence (R.P. $41) will be tremendously beneficial. It not only hydrates skin and controls oil in the short run, but also slowly balances out the skin in the long run. After a few months, one should experience a smoother, softer and more balanced skin texture.

Finally, use a hydrating moisturizer as a finishing touch. This keeps your skin remains constantly moisturized and ups its ability to repair itself against aggressions over the day.

By following through with these steps, achieving that balance will be a breeze.


UPDATED 27 MAR 2019:

Curious to find out what your skin is like, and how exactly to care for it?
For a limited time only, enjoy a Skin Discovery analysis at $65 and receive a complimentary 3-piece customisable travel set (worth $99).*

What’s inside the Travel Set?
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We’re living in an era where looking and feeling younger no longer requires surgery. The fountain of youth these days apparently flows from a syringe. But injectable treatments such as BOTOX® Cosmetic and dermal fillers aren’t the only non-surgical anti-aging procedures. Wrinkles can be smoothed with lasers, skin tightened with heat, and belly fat frozen. All available in aesthetic clinics medical spas day spas. Wait, which?

Day Spas, Medical Spas and Aesthetic Clinics: What's The Difference?

There is a huge range of gadgets proving popular with those who shy away from surgery but still want to improve their appearances. Some beauty salons now call themselves Aesthetic Centres; spas have started terming themselves as Medical Spas. The lines are blurred but the key differences would be:

  1. The environment
  2. Intensity of treatments

Spas and Salons typically offer a relaxing environment targeted at providing wellness and/or aesthetic solutions. Even within this category, different spas vary in level of comfort and luxuriousness (i.e. Hotel Spas versus a Massage Parlour). Many salons offer targeted services instead of housing it under one brand, while others pay more attention to their facilities, such as Salt Caves, Steam Rooms and special pools.


Porcelain is a face spa that offers solutions to target skin issues. We combine craftsmanship and technology whilst providing a spa experience.  The key difference between Porcelain and other spas would be our dedication towards understanding skin at a deeper level. Although we do not have a doctor on board, all our therapists are trained, qualified aestheticians. They all undergo a stringent, in-house program to ensure the highest levels of finesse, comfort, safety and results. We also believe in curating treatment plans for each client. We also use state-of-art technology backed by clinical studies and high performance products, to achieve long-lasting results using non-invasive procedures.

Aesthetic Clinics

Aesthetic Clinics offer a clinic setting with a focus on providing solutions for aesthetic purposes. The treatments are typically minimally invasive to invasive and performed by doctors, dermatologists or plastic surgeons. For patients who are seeking to augment, improve their appearances via the use of injectables, more invasive or equipment with higher intensity, they should visit a trained medical physician with relevant experiences.  Although medical doctors perform all the treatments, not all doctors who work in aesthetic clinics are specialists. Aesthetic Practices are not a recognized specialty, and cannot advertise or promote their services. Doctors cannot use titles such as “aesthetic doctors” or “aesthetic physicians” in Singapore.

Medica Spas

Medical spas, however, remain a small percentage of the overall spa market.

Treatments can include spa treatments that complement medical procedures performed by their doctors in-house. Some of the prescribed treatments do not need to be performed by medical physicians. Typically, the doctor that oversees the medical spa take charge of the procedures that fall under medical, and aestheticians or therapists handle other spa, or non-medical therapies such as non-invasive microdermabrasion, massages, etc.

As with the practice of visiting any facilities or professionals, one needs to accept the pros and cons. Some places and people do the job well but some can fall short as well.

While the 3 different types of spas and clinics can achieve desired results, the crucial aspect of choosing a spa or clinic is analyzing the expertise and credentials of those performing the treatments. At the end of the day, we all only have one face and we should never take it for granted.