This year, the fire of a revolution started when Alicia Keys went foundation-free for her new album cover as well as for her appearance at the VMAs.

Alicia Keys explained the reasons behind her actions, stating that she decided to do away with the many years of stress that had been placed on her to always look “perfect”. Now, she is grateful for taking that bold step forward, forgoing makeup even when attending a prestigious event. In her words, it was “the strongest, most empowered, most free, and most honestly beautiful” she had ever felt.

Women all over the world cheered as they felt liberated by her actions. That constant standard of looking impeccable all the time was slowly getting vanquished. For the longest time, for most women, makeup forms a large chunk of their daily routines. Many no longer see makeup as “optional” but a necessity before leaving the house. However, this really doesn’t have to be the case. Makeup can still be enjoyed without being a form of societal pressure. As long as one is confident in their own beauty and skin, going out with or without it is inconsequential.

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At Porcelain, we strongly advocate going foundation-free. Our skin breathes better and ultimately heals quicker from impurities that clog throughout the day. Redness in skin or marks from acne? Nothing a lightly tinted moisturizer couldn’t fix, instead of a heavy-based foundation.

After all, it is more advantageous to improve skin health with skincare instead of constantly covering up. Additionally, going foundation-free can provide that extra 15 minutes of shuteye, leading to an even clearer and brighter complexion!

To read the Straits Times’ latest article and Porcelain’s founder’s comments on going Foundation Free, simply read:

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