Porcelain Christmas Gift Sets

(From left to right) Double Cleanse Set, Power Trio Set, Pampering Mask Set

Give the gift of radiance this Christmas! Christmas is slowly approaching so don’t get caught off guard with the worst thing to experience before the holiday season: being absolutely stumped when choosing the perfect gift for your loved ones!

Finding the ideal Christmas present can be stressful at this festive time of year, so we thought we would make it easier for you— with 3 of our amazing offerings, to treat your loved ones to the best in beauty and help you take the stress out of picking a gift!




If you’re new to the concept of double cleansing or are already a proponent of double cleansing, this set is the perfect introductory set.  Treat your loved ones to the art of double-cleansing with this set as it contains everything you need for effective double cleansing: a pre-cleanser, a cleanser, a toner and an exfoliator.

1x Revive – Makeup Cleanser, 120ml
1x Balance – Daily Cleansing Gel, 120ml
1x Revive – Natural Skin Refiner, 50ml
1x Revive – Glycolic Toner, 120ml

Suitable for: All skin types

The Double Cleanse Set goes for $219 (R.R.P $271).




What better way to relax, de-stress, and address your skin concerns than just lying down with a face mask on?

Whether you’re dealing with dark spots, acne scars, or dull skin, this pampering mask value set will leave your skin looking healthy, glowing and ready for the festive period.

2 pcs Hydrocare Bio-Cellulose Mask
2 pcs RevitalEyes Multipeptide Silk Mask
1x Revive – Natural Skin Refiner, 50ml

Suitable for: Dull skin, aging skin

The Pampering Mask Set goes for $159 (R.R.P $198).


POWER TRIO GIFT SET $249 (R.R.P $325.50)


Balance, soothe and heal your skin with this powerful healing trio! Use these gels individually, or combine all three so that they work synergistically to reset skin to its natural equilibrium.

1x Soothe – Aloe Recovery Gel, 50ml
1x Pure – Botanical Soothing Gel, 30ml
1x Balance – Hydraclear Gel, 50ml

Suitable for: Acne-prone skin, Oily Skin

The Power Trio Set goes for $249 (R.R.P $325.50).



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At only $10, your purchase will be wrapped with special care in our signature gift packaging and ribbon, made ready for your gift recipient. This service is available in all our outlets.



The Porcelain Travel Pouch (Left, $35) and Porcelain Silk Eye Mask (Right, worth $35)

The Porcelain Travel Pouch (R.R.P $35) is great for organising your products to travel in ease, or it can easily become your main makeup/skincare case at home. What’s more, the marble print and rose gold logo plate prettifies a surprisingly tough (it’s water resistant!) way to keep your cosmetics organised.

The Porcelain Eye Mask (R.R.P $35) is a luxurious sleep mask crafted from the highest grade mulberry silk for deep, rejuvenating sleep. Lightly cushioned, the Eye Mask sits softly against your face to block out light while the smooth fabric protects against damage to skin and hair.

*** Enter “GetYourGlowOn” during checkout of any purchase of a gift set to receive a compliementary Porcelain Travel Pouch and Silk Eye Mask (total worth $70)! Valid until 30 November 2017. Click HERE to visit our Online Store.***



How it works:

  • We will be posting daily challenges on our Facebook Page over a span of 3 weeks.
  • You need to complete daily challenges, which will earn you entry points.
  • There will be two winners each week – the participant with the highest total entry points and a ‘wild card’ winner!
  • Participant which accumulates the highest total entry points by the end of the week will win a Summer Staycation @ Wanderlust Hotel



  • Grand Prize
    •  Summer Staycation @ Wanderlust Hotel worth SGD400
  • Weekly Prizes
    • Week 1: Soothe, Mist Toner 100ml worth SGD 118
    • Week 2: Soothe, Aloe Recovery Gel 40ml worth SGD 108
    • Week 3: Flawless, Skin Perfecting Moisturizer with SPF 20 150ml worth SGD 165



  • 11th -16th June: Week 1 Challenge
  • 17th June: Week 1 Winners will be notified
  • 18th – 23rd June: Week 2 Challenge
  • 24th June: Week 2 Winners will be notified
  • 25th – 30th June: Week 3 Challenge
  • 1st July: Week 3 Winners will be notified
  • 2nd July: Winner of Summer Staycation @ Wanderlust will be notified

Judging Criteria:

  • Participant with the highest total entries’ score at the end of the week will win the week’s challenge.
  • A ‘wild card’ winner will also be randomly selected amongst the participants.
  • In case of tie, winner will be selected based on the quality of answers or via lucky draw. This will be based on the discretion of Porcelain’s Management.
  • For the weekly challenge, entry points cannot be brought over to the following week. (For instance, if your entry points for week 1 = 30 and your entry points for week 2 = 35, the entry points considered for week 2’s challenge is 35 instead of 30+35= 65)
  • However, for the grand prize, entry points will be accumulated, starting from week 1. (For instance, if your entry points for week 1 = 30, entry points for week 2 = 35 and entry points for week 3 = 40, then your total accumulated points = 105)
  • Invalid entries will not be counted towards the total entry points.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Porcelain Management reserves the right to remove any irrelevant/destructive content and disqualify a participant based on undesirable behaviour.
  • Selected dates for one night stay at Wanderlust Hotel is subject to availability.
  • Winner for weekly winner is not available to win another weekly prize. However, weekly prize winners can  win grand prize.

Do check out this space and our Facebook Page for more information and daily updates!

Deep Pore Cleansing

Extraction is a traditional procedure that is performed using a metal loop extractor and a medical syringe needle. The process can be slightly uncomfortable, but it helps remove comedones, milia seeds, acne, pimple, black/whitehead and other impurities that clog up the surface of your skin.

This process must be performed by highly skilled aestheticians, as improper techniques may cause scarring or undesirable outcomes.


Cleansing Is Never Enough

The first step in our daily skin care regimen is cleansing. No doubt, it is very important! Cleansing away the dirt, oil, make up that lead to clogged pores and surface impurities is pivotal part of clean pores and a clear complexion. When your pores become clogged with excess sebum, dead skin cells, sweat and other environmental dirt, your face start developing blackheads, whiteheads and other forms of acne.

There are several benefits to pore extraction, most notably unclogging your pores which can lead to healthier-looking skin. Keeping your pores clean and clear can also help to prevent future acne breakouts as well as to keep your pores from looking larger than they are.

Extractions Vs Technology

Despite current advancement in cosmetic equipment and product technology, Porcelain has no intentions to do away with the traditional extraction method. According to our experience, it is proven that extraction is by far the most effective, albeit, tedious way of deep cleansing.

Without thorough extraction, the impurities in the pores will prevent any precious nutrients from serums/ampoules to be effectively penetrated into the skin. With clogged pores, the skin will look and feel rough, uneven and dull.

Extraction, The Key To Porcelain Skin

Director Therapist, Jenny Teng, who has had more than 17 years of experience under her belt as an aesthetician, explains, “Throughout my career, there is one core finding in my approach to effective skincare treatment, and that will be thorough deep cleansing of the skin using specific extraction techniques for different skin problems. It has been my mantra, and Porcelain’s mantra. With proper deep cleansing, nutrients from the products we use can penetrate much easily into the dermis and that is what makes Porcelain facials different.”

At Porcelain, nobody wears foundation; clients and staffs. No one has to cover up any flaws or imperfections. They advocate beauty from within and help clients achieve that with their solutions.

We are a premium skin care solution provider with an unpretentious and intimate touch one finds in a traditional facial salon. Porcelain is designed such that clients feel at home on our premise; they know they can trust our professionalism and our sincerity”, Pauline Ng (Managing Director) added.

Try out our Award-Winning Quintessential Facial today. Click here to find out more.


When it comes to skincare, I love anything that involves hitting my kitchen and whipping up a beautifying DIY recipe. And with fall coming to a close, I’m trying to find any and every excuse to consume pumpkin. Sure, pumpkin lattes and pumpkin pies are lovely treats, but why not beautify from the outside in with pumpkin too!

DIY Pumpkin Cellulite Scrub

  • 1/2 cup canned pumpkin
  • 4 tablespoons caffeinated coffee grounds
  • 1 tablespoon coconut oil

Mix pumpkin, coffee grounds and coconut oil until blended. Standing in a bathtub to reduce mess, apply the mixture from hip to ankle, in circular motions. Leave on for 5 to 15 minutes. Rinse with warm water.

The Vitamin A in the pumpkin helps promote cell turnover, and both the caffeine and the granular grounds in the coffee help increase blood flow to reduce the appearance of cellulite while the coconut oil moisturizes. Pumpkin pulp, seeds and seed oil are often used in many beauty products since pumpkin is packed with Vitamin A and Matrix Metalloproteinase, stimulate cell turnover and boost collagen and elastin production!

How It Works

Tell us how much you love your best friend by writing a short note on our Facebook Wall. Porcelain Team will select the winning entry based on creativity. If your entry is selected, we will surprise your friend with your participation and courier the gifts to their doorstep. Different prizes to be given out weekly so tune in to this space for more!

Different products to be given away weekly! Here comes the prizes!


Week 2 – 9th December 2011 to 16th December 2011

1 x Quintessential Facial + Pure, Botanical Soothing Gel

Quintessential Facial Treatment

90 to 120 minutes, worth $380


Our Quintessential Facial has been voted as the winner for CozyCot’s Favourite Skin Perfecting Face Therapy. It is the best selling Deep Pore Cleansing Facial in Porcelain. It is fully customized to cater to all skin problems starting from dull/uneven skin tone, severe acne/pimple problems, acne scars, age spots all the way to pigmentation and even sensitive skin! There is no ‘one size fits all’ in skin care, that’s why all our facials are fully customized.

About our Pure, Botanical Soothing Gel

50 ml, worth $98

Made from natural Aloe Vera & a special blend of herbal extract, Pure Botanical Soothing Gel has proven anti-inflammatory & healing properties. Used to calm irritated skin, it is also highly effective in treating acne, eczema, and other skin problems. Naturally soothing with a refreshing scent, it can be used as daily skin conditioner for both face and body.

Key Benefits

  • Conditions skin
  • Heals skin naturally
  • Calm and soothe irritated skin
  • Anti-inflammatory