Nothing is worse than having dry flaky skin and contrary to popular belief, it can happen in humid climates too! Even worse still, it can be harder to fix than in drier climates as you simply can’t slap on as much moisturizer as you want. Lets find out what are 10 useful tips you can try to counter dry skin.

1. Bathe

  • Use lukewarm water, not hot water
  • Keep it to 5 to 10 minutes

2. Moisturize

  • Apply lotion 5 minutes after showering
  • Apply hand lotion after hand washes

3. Sunscreen

  • Essential even if you are indoors or at a cold country

4. Lip Care

  • Try to apply lip balm/vaseline everyday, especially before you sleep.
  • Try not to lick your lips as it happens to dry it out more.

5. Exfoliate

  • Do it weekly or semi-weekly to keep dead cells off.

6. Invest in a humidifier

  • Nothing dries your skin like 24 hour air conditioning

7. Hydrate throughout the day

  • Keep a lookout for our soon-to-be-launched Soothe Hydration Mist

8. Find a gentle cleanser

  • For both body & face

9. Check the ingredients

  • Make sure your skin care products do not contain high concentrations of Retinoids or Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA)

10. See a Skin Care Expert / Dermatologist

  • If you have severe and persistent dry & flaky skin, you might like to consult a skin care therapist or dermatologist for professional advice.


Facelifts and other wrinkle-reducing procedures have long been sought by people wanting to ward off the signs of aging, but new research suggests that it takes more than tightening loose skin to restore a youthful look. A new study indicates that significant changes in facial bones — particularly the jaw bone — occur as people age and contribute to an aging appearance.

This loss of bony volume may contribute sagging facial skin, decreased chin projection, and loss of jaw-line definition. As jaw volume decreases, soft tissue of the lower face has less support, resulting in a softer, oval appearance to the lower face and sagging skin, which also affects the aging appearance of the neck.

For the complete article on Science Daily, click here.

This may well give us another good reason to drink more milk and increase our calcium intake. 🙂

pauline ng

Research shows that sun damage is the #1 cause of the skin’s premature aging. UVA & UVB (Ultraviolet rays) originating from the Sun produce up to 90% of premature “skin aging” symptoms. These UV rays penetrates the skin layers, damages it and causes wrinkles, freckles, pigmentation, discoloration etc.

UVB rays are the cause of sunburns and affect the skin’s outer layers. UVA rays penetrates deep into the skin layers & its intensity remains unchanged even at low-level exposures.

To minimize the damage, sunscreen is a must-have product for men & women of all ages.

5 Tips on using Sunscreen

i. Make sure it provides both UVA & UVB absorption

ii. Oil-free formulas are more suitable for the Singapore climate

iii. Apply sunscreen daily at least 15 minutes before sun exposure

iv. It contains emollients such as collagen, herbal ingredients etc, to moisturize & delay skin’s aging

v. Dermatologists recommend a minimum of SPF 30 for facial sunscreen

*Original Content from Porcelain’s #4 Newsletter sent out on 7 May 2010.

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