After hearing about our favourite products (Check out our #PorcelainMustHaves here), we’re back with part 2 – Our Favourite Treatments. Our team had a really hard time picking out our favourites, as we love all our facials!

OxyRevive/OxyRevive Plus

“I have a low threshold for pain and that’s why OxyRevive Plus is a great alternative to extractions for me. It leaves my skin super supple and bright, and it’s topped off with a relaxing shiatsu facial massage which is spot on.” – Jacqueline Nonis, Assistant Manager

“OxyRevive helps me achieve a smoother complexion with a radiant after glow. I’ll say it is hydrating, powerful yet relaxing!” – Jazlyn, Porcelain’s Beauty Therapist

“I love the brightening effects and my face feels much smoother after the end of the facial. Just a tip, do it together with RevitalEye Luxx which will help to reduce puffiness and dark circles!” – Julyha, Porcelain’s Client Relations Executive

Cryotherapy Facial

“Cryo is my favourite facial! It tightens my pores and I feel like Snow White after that. Haha! I feel that this is more effective for my skin, as my skin is rather sensitive. The cooling therapy helps to calm my skin, and it’s very comfortable!” – Michelle, Porcelain’s Beauty Therapist

“My face looks significantly brighter after Cryotherapy. With the use of Balance Essence in my treatment, I experienced significantly lesser blackheads. – Zane Foo, Porcelain’s Beauty Therapist

“Cryotherapy helps brighten my skin, reduce pore size and even lighten scars and marks! It’s chilling on my skin, and lessens the congestion. Definitely my fav!” – Stella, Porcelain’s Beauty Therapist

Quintessential Facial

“Best extraction facial ever. It’s no wonder that it is so highly raved. Post treatment, I usually apply lots of soothing gel and aloe gel to speed up the recovery process, and the results are amazing! It achieves the translucent, porcelain skin I have always wanted.” – Xin Na, Porcelain’s Business Development Executive

“The Quintessential Facial really changed my skin after just one treatment! The therapists are very skilled and thorough in their extractions, and I see vast improvements in my skin condition after.” – Calista, Porcelain’s Digital Marketing Intern

“My skin feels smoother, cleaner and brighter after treatment. After following up regularly, I can confidently leave my house foundation-free!” – Isabelle, Porcelain’s Beauty Therapist

Illuminate Facial

“The difference right after Illuminate treatment totally wowed me! Prior to the treatment my skin was dull and lifeless. The OxyPulse massage during the facial was very relaxing and the pampering shoulder massage at the end was a nice touch. After the treatment I was awed by the instant afterglow on my skin.” – Jasmine, Porcelain’s Marketing Manager

“This is tough… I love all Porcelain treatments!! They complement each other well, and with a treatment plan catered to my skin concerns, my skin improved tremendously. My fav would be Illuminate facial as my face glows with radiance after EVERY treatment without fail! It stands out from other microdermabrasion facials as every step of the entire facial is well thought out – For example, after the diamond exfoliation, the wine peel helps to renew our skin cells. This is followed by the draining of toxins with the OxyPulse massage and ends off with lots of hydration for the skin with our custom blended mask. It’s the PERFECT relaxing facial and the BEST substitute for customers who aren’t looking at extraction facials.” – Julynn, Porcelain’s Operation Manager

“Illuminate is my favourite treatment because there’s nothing better than a promise living up to its name, literally. A go-to treatment whenever I need a pick me up, or simply to look 100 times better. It doesn’t hurt that the glow lasts for ages!” – Samantha, Porcelain’s Marketing Executive

Proionic Facial

“It’s so hard to choose my favourite facial! It’s like asking me to choose my favourite child. But if I really had to pick, I’ll choose Proionic. It has anti-aging benefits and it is the perfect facial for busy and tired people like me!”– Pauline Ng, Porcelain’s Managing Director

“It’s really comfortable because it’s a warm treatment and I love how it massages my face, eyes, neck. Plus, it is really good for lifting & firming effects. The age-reversing technology is simply phenomenal!” – Aretha Ling, Senior Client Relations

“Proionic! I look younger after treatment, and the lifting and firming helps me get the V-shape contour.” – Tracie, Porcelain’s Beauty Therapist

Sun Rescue Facial

“Sun Rescue is my favourite because of the deep hydration my skin receives. It never fails to leave my skin baby soft to touch, super glowy and there’s nothing not to love about it. – June, Porcelain’s Beauty Therapist

“It’s hydrating, comfortable and the effects are long lasting. My face stays bright and radiant for weeks and I love it as a pampering treat for my skin.”  – Sanny Chew, Porcelain’s Beauty Therapist

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You could spend a bomb on anti-aging products but look terribly old if you don’t invest in the right eye skincare. With its skin being ten times thinner than the rest of your face, the eye area requires the most care. We discuss how to provide the right care for the most delicate part of your face.

Did you know?

The average human blinks around 10,000 times a day. Having this fragile skin overexert itself like that, it comes as no surprise that the first tell-tale signs of your age show up here. As you age, collagen and elastin production decelerate and the skin loses what supports its shape. This is when the skin sags, and fine lines (or laugh lines) appear around the eye.

To avoid this, most people run looking for the richest eye cream.

That, however, is a grave misconception. Thick formulas that are overly emollient on the skin around the eyes can cause milia seeds. (Read more about what milia seeds are here)  When the product is too thick to be quickly absorbed by the skin, it could cause clogging, thus leading to tiny seeds around the eye area. Instead, opt for lighter gels or serums that penetrate the skin quicker.

Overexposure to sunlight is also a major factor of aging around the eyes.

Therefore, be sure not to forget the SPF for your eye area! Caring for the skin around your eyes should start as early as 25, but it’s never too late to start.

Not having enough sleep every night?

Puffy eyes, unsightly dark eye rings and huge eye bags are your eyes form of protest. The blood vessels supplying oxygen and nutrients are smaller in thin skin, and therefore the skin under your eyes are more susceptible to the issues your body face.

65(blog)FIX IT!

Packed with 10 active ingredients, Porcelain’s RevitalEyes Multipeptide Silk Mask is intelligently designed to counter brightening, anti-aging and puffiness around the eye. It taps on the ancient benefits of silk and reduces the appearance of delicate lines, bringing a brighter glow to your eyes. Apply it diligently twice a week, on top of the use of your eye product, and experience, firmer, tauter and brighter eyes!

Dwelling in the coops of Singapore means that you get exposed to the sun all the time. With the warmer weather here to stay, it’s important for you to know how dangerous the sun can be.

1. You get more sun than you think

80% of total lifetime sun exposure happen incidentally.

Picture this – It’s a lazy cloudy afternoon and you get comfy on the cosy couch by the window. Getting up, you decide to go for a seemingly harmless drive without sunscreen on. These little things, however, can accumulate up to a hefty average of 14 hours of sun exposure a week.

Harmful UV rays are everywhere. Even on sun-less days, or indoors if you sit by the glass windows or if it’s just a few minutes out in the sun. Applying and reapplying sunscreen faithfully is what keeps your skin safe.

2. Biggest enemy of ageing skin

Being responsible for 90% of premature ageing, your skin definitely hates the sun. UV rays damages and impairs the production of collagen and elastin. Without the support of these tissues, our skin loses elasticity and appears saggy.

Photoaging, also known as sun-induced ageing, is caused by two main UV rays:

  • UV A rays
    • Causes photoaging and skin cancer
    • Present with the same intensity through all daylight hours, all year round
    • Penetrates clouds and glass (P.S.: It’s not safe indoors!)
    • Damages the deeper layers of the skin to the dermis and hypodermis
      (Learn about skin layers)
  • UV B rays
    • Causes sunburns and skin cancer
    • Intensity varies through the day, place and season, but is strongest from 10am to 4pm
    • Can reflect off surfaces (e.g. water, ground) and cause double-damage
    • Damages the superficial layers of the skin (epidermis)

3. The sun’s dark side – Pigmentation

Age spots, sun spots, dark spots – these unsightly marks are the flaws on your face you wished you could erase. As the word “sun spots” suggests, the sun is the main culprit responsible for pigmentation. UVA rays penetrates your dermis and stimulates the production of Melanin, which causes the dark patches on the skin. While there are treatments available to help this skin issue (check out our IPL Pigmentation Facial), there is no perfect cure for it yet.

4. It heightens the risk of skin cancer

Sunburns hurt the DNA in your skin cells. When these damaged cells build up, it can cause cells to grow out of control, eventually leading to skin cancer. Having severe sunburns, even if it’s once in a while, will raise your risk of skin cancer multifold.

5. Being young doesn’t mean being safe

While you might not witness the consequences of a sunburn immediately, it is likely to hit you back a few decades down the road. A nasty sunburn can cause pigmentation to kick in 10-20 years later, or lead to skin cancer when you are older. Instead of wishing to turn back the clock, start practicing good sun care practices now! If you have to bask in the warmth of the sun for a prolonged period of time, always apply a generous amount of sunscreen.

Now you know the secret to looking younger  😉 Stay tuned to our blog posts to learn about how to prevent yourself from these nasty effects of the sun.



Moisturizing is good. Yes, we all know that. But do you know what actually happens in the skin when you moisturize? Let us break it down for you.

To begin, we have to understand how our skin works. There are three layers in our skin – the epidermis (surface layer), dermis (middle layer) and hypodermis (also known as the fatty layer). When moisture is supplied, it goes straight into the dermis then moves up to the epidermis. Dry surrounding air pulls out the moisture from the epidermis, causing the skin to dry and flake.

Generally, there are two ways a moisturizer works. One, it creates a protective barrier and keeps the moisture locked in. Two, it draws the moisture from the surroundings and lower layers and delivers it to the epidermis. An ideal moisturizer should play both roles. But the question is – what makes an ideal moisturizer?

One hot favourite to look out for in your moisturizing and anti-ageing products is Sodium Hyaluronate. Its low molecular size, coupled with its ability to hold 1000 times its weight in water, makes it capable of penetrating the skin effectively. Not only does it hydrate the skin, it also helps with moisture retention. With its small size, it can “ferry” in other good stuff in your moisturizer into the deeper layers of your skin, helping it to be absorbed quickly.

SCE BAL 2 (1)Sodium Hyaluronate is found naturally in the dermis of your skin. However, it depletes with age and that causes an old and saggy appearance. To combat this, the Balance, Sebum Control Essence contains of 50% Sodium Hyaluronate. This helps to replenish supply and deeply moisturize the skin. The esculin present retains collagen and elastin, achieving anti-ageing benefits.

Infused with Tea Tree Extract, our Balance – Sebum Control Essence provides a great solution for acne skin. This is done by regulating sebum excretion and maintaining the skin’s pH level. Tea Tree Extract is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties, which helps to combat troubled skin. After applying the Balance Essence, top it off with a gel moisturizer to complete your regimen.

The key to moisturizing, however, does not lie with the moisturizer alone. Having a first-grade moisturizer, combined with a terrible skin care regimen, would do injustice to the product. Preserve your skin’s moisture bank by using non-drying products and replenish moisture in every step of your skin care routine. Well-hydrated skin can better battle environmental aggressors and bring about a youthful, radiant visage.

Got more concerns regarding moisturizing? Read more about moisturizing here or send us your concerns via Instagram!




“A woman is most beautiful when she smiles. Other than that, the most valuable tip I’ve learned is always use a skin moisturizer!” – Beyoncé





Ferrari Celebrates 60 Years In AmericaWASH YOUR FACE EVEN IF YOU’RE TIRED!

“Don’t go a full day or night without washing your face. You have to get all the dirt and makeup out of your pores.”- Mary J. Blige






“Once I started drinking more water, my skin, hair and nails all flourished.”- America Ferrera






“Be careful of the sun. Do not go outside without putting sunblock on.” – Hilary Swank






“I moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. No matter how late it is, when I get home, I take the time to clean and moisturize my face. I’m a big believer in that if you focus on good skincare, you really won’t need a lot of makeup.”- Demi Moore