Begin a healthy diet and lifestyle:  Your lifestyle habits do not only affect your health but also affects the way you look. Therefore, in order to feel healthy and look healthy, it is important to have a well-balanced diet and reduce your salt intake as well as consumption of fried or unhealthy stuff.

Also, our skin regenerates itself while we are asleep. Hence, it is not difficult to understand why a lack of sleep will be detrimental to our skin’s health. In order to achieve healthy and glowing skin, be sure to sleep early and get at least 6 hours of sleep. I’m sure these tips are not new to us, but despite knowing it, many of us still fail to be disciplined enough.

So if it helps, try to do this step by step, start by reducing the amount of junk food you eat and sleeping an hour earlier than you normally do and gradually improve your lifestyle habits. Remember, all this effort put in to maintain our body and skin health is for our own good, and it’s worth it!

Reduce stress levels:  Make it a point to give yourself some personal time and space to do things that you like such as reading a book. At the same time, it is important that work and stress are not causing you to withdraw from your friends, family and other social activities as keeping to yourself may cause severe stress or personal issues.

Pamper yourself once in a while. Go for a short massage, spa or manicure, or even plan for a short trip overseas with your friends or family. You will feel re-charged and revitalized, and you will be surprised by the improvement in your productivity level.

Practice a proper skincare regime:
1. Cleansing – It is an important step as it removes dirt, excess natural skin oils, bacteria etc. It also helps your skin breathe and attain the correct nourishment.
2. Exfoliation- Exfoliate your way to radiant skin
3. Toning – Toning balances your pH level, minimizes your pore size and prepares your skin for further treatments. It also replenishes the moisture you lose when you cleanse your face.

Enhance your beauty: At Porcelain, we believe that good skin should be clear and radiant from within. To do so, we advocate “foundation free” makeup so as to let our skin breathe. Nevertheless, we understand the importance of makeup to many women nowadays.

Hence, here are some simple makeup tricks to enhance your overall appearance without adding burden to your skin:
1. Apply a light tinted sunscreen as a base to protect your skin against UVA and UVB rays.
2. Apply thin liner using pencil/liquid liner, whichever you prefer and draw the line as close to you lash-line as possible, so it looks very natural but at the same time accentuates your eyes.
3. Apply mascara by placing the mascara wand at the roots of your lashes, going in a zig zag motion to ensure that the lashes are separated. Repeat this motion to make sure you get every lash. Remove clumps with a lash comb to get your desired natural look.
4. Finish off your look with a natural lip colour.

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Have you been troubling with dark eye circles and desperately finding ways to treat them? Do you need to use an under-eye concealer most of the time?

Before you spend hundreds of dollars on expensive eye care, let me share with you on what are the common causes for having dark eye circles and their possible ways to treat them.

Under-eye circles are special conditions and do treat them with care.

1. The darkness of the circle may due from a shadow cast by the eye bag.

Do a test: Try pushing on one of the bags and see if the darkness disappear. If yes, it means that the darkness of the circle is not inherent to the skin.

Possible treatment: If your eye bags is very prominent, you may consider to surgically remove the solid fat pad.



2. The skin around the eye area becomes thinner and transparent over time.

The skin under the eyes is thin and delicate to begin with. As we age, skin and the fat pad under the eyes becomes thinner, causing blood vessels to become noticeable. This gives the appearance of dark circles. Sun damage can make it worse because it weakens skin.

Possible treatment: Building up the thickness of the skin could help to lessen the transparency. Using a eye cream with vitamin C and vitamin A to jump-start collagen content and thicken the skin around the eye areas.



3. Due to the fragility of blood vessels.

Blood vessels under the eyes can become dilated and engorged, which can contribute to dark circles. Excess dietary salt and smoking are common causes. Conditions that cause fluid retention (e.g. heart, thyroid, kidney, liver diseases) or medications that cause blood vessel dilation may be a factor. Your doctor should be aware of any symptoms you’re experiencing.

Possible treatment: Apply with vitamin K, it may heal the broken capillaries to prevent them from leaking blood into the under-eye region, although the effect will probably be very modest at best.



4. Deposits of dark pigment cells from chronic inflammation.

Eczema is a chronic inflammation of your skin that can cause dark circles around your eyes from patchy areas of discoloration and flaking.

Possible treatment: A fading cream that breaks down dark pigment discoloration will help most. Make sure the fading cream is non-irritating, otherwise it can make the problem worse. Bleaching agents like kojic and ascorbic acids are said to lighten dark pigments and green tea extract can soothe redness and inflammation.



5. Aging.

As we age our skin loses elasticity and becomes lax. As the lower eyelid becomes lax it fails to support normal fat which lies below the eyeball. This fat pushes the lower eyelid forward and forms a puffy eye or eye bag. The eye bag or puffy eye creates a dark shadow beneath the bulge where the arcus marginalis is tethering the skin to the underlying bone.

Possible treatment: Ablative laser resurfacing can remove wrinkles and stimulate new collagen production in the skin. In some cases fractional laser resurfacing can be used to plump or thicken thin eyelid skin. These treatments can remove pigment and wrinkles and remove dark circles under the eyes.


6. Unhealthy lifestyle habits such as smoking, drinking too much caffeine and over-indulging in alcohol.

Smoking, drinking too much caffeine or consuming alcohol may cause dark circles beneath the eyes. Caffeine and alcohol can dehydrate the skin, which makes the capillaries and blood vessels more prominent. Smoking prematurely ages the skin and can irritate the eyes and the skin tissue beneath it.

Possible treatment: Needless to say, quit all the bad habits and start a healthy diet and lifestyle. Nicotine, alcohol and caffeine can cause the capillaries to leak iron and blood cells into the under-eye area, giving it a dark appearance.

Alcohol addicted


7. Lack of sleep.

At least 7 – 8 hours of sleep (hours vary for person to person), ensures a relaxed mind and body, normal blood flow, takes care of all wear and tear during the day, energizes you and brings the glow back in the morning. Dark circles around the eyes, blotchy skin, and lifeless appearance of face are all side effects of not getting enough sleep.

Possible treatment: Switch off that TV, log-off your laptop, and get away from the party night life and catch a good night’s sleep.



8. Bad circulation.

Suffering from purple circles under your eyes and puffy eye areas? Poor blood circulation may be the culprit here, and it’s an important thing to realize and learn how to reverse to better your health and help to increase your appearance by getting rid of those purplish under eye circles.

Possible treatment: Go for some tapping eye massage twice a day to improve circulation.

Another recommendation for dark eye circles would be Intense Pulsed Light (aka IPL) Photo Facial Treatment For Removal of Dark Eye Circles – These therapies are not lasers. They use a flash of light which specifically targets the color of a pigment or blood vessel in the skin. The light is adjusted to be absorbed by the color red or brown. IPL can help lighten dark eyelid skin caused by blood vessels or pigment and remove dark circles under the eyes.

At Porcelain, we recommend our customers to try out our RevitalEye Luxx which helps stimulate collagen and elastin production and improve blood circulation too. It’s suitable for all puffy eyes, dark circles, eye bags and fine lines. Book an appointment with us now!

If you have been following us or if you know the Porcelain team, you would know that selling “ourselves” or “our packages” is the last thing we love… Hence, in all our precedent entries, they are information centric, and we intend to keep it that way. The Porcelain team is made up with a bunch of people who loves the science behind achieving better skin. We live and breathe skincare!

Once in a while, we do feature our treatments to show how we have applied all that we have known to help you achieve better treatment results.

Since the eye area is the first place where signs of aging will appear, let me start off with Porcelain’s Revital Eyes Luxx and Revital Eyes Treatment.

Porcelain’s Revital Eyes Luxx has been specially designed to reduce dark circles, eyes bags and fine lines. As for Revital Eyes Treatment, it is able to deal with all the above problems as well as the presence of millia seeds and oil bags around the eye area.

With the use of the finest Collagen, Amino, Oxygen & Gold treatment products & masks, Porcelain ensures that you will be able to see noticeable results in just one session!

Here are the steps for Revital Eyes Luxx and Revital Eyes Treatment.

1. Double Cleanse

Double cleansing is done to make sure that the skin is thoroughly cleansed. In this case, a Milky Cleanser is used to cleanse the first layer of impurities.

2. Exfoliation

A second cleanser together with Aloe Vera Peeling Gel is used to exfoliate the dead skin cells around the eye area.

3. Skin Analysis

A skin analysis is performed to determine the exact problem of each individual customer.

4. Precision Extraction (only available in Revital Eye Treatment)

Extraction will be done to remove the oil bags and milia seeds. This special procedure will only be carried out by Porcelain’s Director Aesthetician.

5.Eye Massage

An Oxygenated Eye Gel is then used to massage around the eye area. Different eye massage techniques will be applied to counteract different eye problems.

6. Treatment Eye Mask

A Golden Eye treatment mask infused with nano-technology is used.

7. LED Therapy (only available in Revital Eye Treatment)

LED light is able to stimulate collagen and elastin production as well as blood circulation around the eye area.

8. Moisture Protectant

A generous amount of Aloe Recovery Gel is applied to protect and give the skin its final boost of moisture.

9. Sunscreen(only available with Revital Eye Treatment)

A thin layer of Porcelain’s DOLL Tinted Sunscreen is applied. With SPF 60, it offers protection against UVA and UVB rays. In addition, it is non-comedogenic as well as oil and paraben free.

Suitable for: All skin types

Duration & Price:

Revital Eye Luxx: 45 Minutes | $85

Revital Eye Treatment: 60 Minutes | $120

Try out Revital Eyes Luxx at just $28! Click here to find out more! Also, our treatment is featured on iCompare.

Do note that at Porcelain, the Luxx series of therapy is catered more for maintenance whereas the Treatment series is catered for clients looking for solutions to their skin concerns.

It is said that the eyes are the windows to one’s soul, a gateway for us to connect with the others. Looking at how drastically different one can look by simply whisking on some mascara or putting on some colored contacts, there is no doubt the eye can make a huge difference to the way you look. It is bad enough that such an important feature is the first to show signs of aging, lack of sleep, stress, etc. In this entry, lets take a look at how we can better care for the skin around your eyes and reduce that dependence on “industrial-strength” concealer.

It is known that our skin tends to lose its elasticity as we age, as it is also known that the skin area around our eyes are much more delicate and sensitive since it is the thinnest compared to all the other areas of our body. This explains why it tends to develop wrinkles, dark circles and other signs of stress more easily. In addition, the lack of sebaceous glands also makes it easier for wrinkles to develop. Facial movements and expressions such as smiling and frowning cause the formation of wrinkles and lines too.

The skin area around our eyes can also become saggy due to crying, excessive rubbing and tugging, removal of eye makeup and the continuous insertion and removal of contact lenses. At the same time, puffiness of the eyes may result due to internal dehydration, overconsumption of a large intake of salty food or in some cases, an allergy condition.


1. Hydrate

  • Your skin needs to be well hydrated to maintain its elasticity.

2. Quit Smoking

  • Smoking causes a breakdown of collagen which leads to your skin losing its elasticity.

3. Sunscreen

  • It has been shown that UV rays are responsible for up to 80% of aging.

4. Reduce facial expressions

  • Wear sunglasses whenever you are in the sun to avoid squinting
  • Look at yourself in the mirror and try to avoid expressions which creates creasing around the eye area

5. Sleep

  • Having sufficient sleep prevents blood from clotting around the eye causing dark circles

6. Avoid Alcohol

  • Alcohol dehydrates your body

7. Use the right make up remover

  • When using heavy eye make up, use oil based remover to prevent excessive rubbing and stress around your eye area

8. Eye Care Regime

  • Use specific skin care products for the eyes as they contain specific ingredients to counter eye problems
  • Go to a professional to have regular Eye Treatments to help alleviate and prevent eye problems

Start young, and preserve your youthful looking eyes before its too late. 🙂