A Daily Skincare Routine & Its Importance | #SkinHacks

Everyone knows that when it comes to taking the perfect selfie, clear, blemish-free skin is a must. For the not-so-good skin days, a cute filter or photo editing app can make your skin appear flawless in photos. But what about when we’re not behind the camera? We can’t use a filter or editing app to hide our “imperfections” in our day-to-day lives. This is where a daily skincare routine comes in! Hello, perfect skin! Goodbye, filters.

Keep reading to find out more about the importance of a daily skincare routine and how you can develop one that works best for your skin type and needs.

A Daily Skincare Routine & Its Importance | #SkinHacks

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Despite our skin being the most exposed of our organs and working 24/7 to protect our bodies from the environment, it often remains neglected. This makes it more susceptible to sun damage, skin diseases, and early signs of ageing. It’s never too early to develop a skincare routine! Even the most basic regime can do wonders for both your skin’s health and defences, especially with commitment and time.

Just as you’d exercise to tone your other body parts, developing a skincare regime is essential to help you maintain the health and natural beauty you were born with. Once your skin is damaged, it can be difficult to revert it to its original state.

You are never too young (or old!) to start caring for your skin. Rather than fighting your way back to younger-looking and clearer skin, it’s best to take a preventative approach and start early. This gives your skin a strong and healthy foundation, preventing damage and delaying signs of ageing.


Trying something new? A general rule of thumb is to start small and simple. This same rule applies to your newfound skincare routine. It can be hard to develop a good regime with too many speciality products.

No matter your age, the bare minimum should include cleansing, moisturizing and sun protection. Using a gentle cleanser can clear your skin of oil, dirt, and pathogens. A good moisturizer can help maintain your skin’s natural defence mechanisms against infection and other elements. Finally, sunscreen is a must!

A Daily Skincare Routine & Its Importance | #SkinHacks

Credit: Julia Caesar

While a two-step skincare routine may seem universal, keep in mind that there’s no cookie-cutter regime that works for everyone. It depends on your skin’s individual needs and knowing what products work best for your skin type. This is especially true if you have specific concerns that can’t be treated with a basic regimen. This is where targeted products such as highly concentrated serums come in handy.

Be sure to reach out to a dermatologist or your skincare consultant before starting any skincare regime. They will be able to evaluate your skin and determine the best one for your needs.


“When you look good, you feel good.”



– Be mindful of the pretty rings, bands and rocks on your fingers; skincare and beauty products can cause buildup on these. Whenever applying beauty and skincare products, be sure to take your bands off and store them in a safe place first.

– If you’d forgotten to take them off before applying your skincare products, don’t fret. Your jewellery can be easily cleaned! Many jewellers offer cleaning solutions that make it easy to keep your ring(s) polished and shiny in the comfort of your home. Giving a shout out to online jeweler, Blue Nile, that offers a super effective gem and jewellery cleaner, amongst a stunning collection of engagement rings. Consider getting both the cleaner and rings at the same time to protect them from damage from your skincare products.

– If you have sensitive skin, be sure to read the list of ingredients before purchasing and applying skincare products. Certain lotions and products can irritate the skin.


Take care of that ring on it,







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