Foundation of Skin Care: The Science Behind Moisturizing

Moisturizing is good. Yes, we all know that. But do you know what actually happens in the skin when you moisturize? Let us break it down for you.

To begin, we have to understand how our skin works. There are three layers in our skin – the epidermis (surface layer), dermis (middle layer) and hypodermis (also known as the fatty layer). When moisture is supplied, it goes straight into the dermis then moves up to the epidermis. Dry surrounding air pulls out the moisture from the epidermis, causing the skin to dry and flake.

Generally, there are two ways a moisturizer works. One, it creates a protective barrier and keeps the moisture locked in. Two, it draws the moisture from the surroundings and lower layers and delivers it to the epidermis. An ideal moisturizer should play both roles. But the question is – what makes an ideal moisturizer?

One hot favourite to look out for in your moisturizing and anti-ageing products is Sodium Hyaluronate. Its low molecular size, coupled with its ability to hold 1000 times its weight in water, makes it capable of penetrating the skin effectively. Not only does it hydrate the skin, it also helps with moisture retention. With its small size, it can “ferry” in other good stuff in your moisturizer into the deeper layers of your skin, helping it to be absorbed quickly.

SCE BAL 2 (1)Sodium Hyaluronate is found naturally in the dermis of your skin. However, it depletes with age and that causes an old and saggy appearance. To combat this, the Balance, Sebum Control Essence contains of 50% Sodium Hyaluronate. This helps to replenish supply and deeply moisturize the skin. The esculin present retains collagen and elastin, achieving anti-ageing benefits.

Infused with Tea Tree Extract, our Balance – Sebum Control Essence provides a great solution for acne skin. This is done by regulating sebum excretion and maintaining the skin’s pH level. Tea Tree Extract is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties, which helps to combat troubled skin. After applying the Balance Essence, top it off with a gel moisturizer to complete your regimen.

The key to moisturizing, however, does not lie with the moisturizer alone. Having a first-grade moisturizer, combined with a terrible skin care regimen, would do injustice to the product. Preserve your skin’s moisture bank by using non-drying products and replenish moisture in every step of your skin care routine. Well-hydrated skin can better battle environmental aggressors and bring about a youthful, radiant visage.

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