Foundation of Skin Care: SOS for Sun Damage

Lobster-red, itchy and peeling skin. We know the aftermath of a good day of frolicking in the sun all too well. Yet, most of us never learn. For every minute you go unprotected in the sun, it adds to the debt you have to pay. (Read about what the sun actually does to you here) Well, the good news is, you can actually reverse some of this sun damage.

Sunburn is an inflammation caused by overexposure to UV radiation. After a sunburn, the skin temporarily loses its protective barrier, causing it to be susceptible to burns. The no-brainer solution is obviously to get out of the sun. But that’s easier said than done. Sun exposure is all around us, even on overcast days or indoors. Other than putting on sunblock diligently, wearing clothes with more coverage also helps in your skin’s recovery.

Caring for sun damage

The immediate care you give after the sunburn is most crucial. A severe sunburn in the early years of your life could engender skin problems such as pigmentation, early ageing or even skin cancer.

After a sunburn, cleanse the skin with cool water and slather on a generous amount of moisturizer. Pick moisturizers designed to lock in moisture and speed up the skin’s repair process. Aloe Vera is a great option as it has amazing healing properties. They also cool the skin immediately and create a protective barrier to prevent infections.

Foundation of Skin Care: SOS for Sun Damage - Aloe Recovery Gel

Enter the Soothe, Aloe Recovery Gel

The Soothe, Aloe Recovery Gel isn’t any ordinary moisturizer you’d find in drugstores. Consisting of 99% stabilized Aloe Vera Gel, this ultra-soothing gel heals and eases irritated, sun damaged skin. It also improves the skin’s moisture balance. Aside from shielding the skin from environmental aggressors, it also helps to build up its natural resilience.

The term “stabilized” means that the aloe gel has not been diluted with other substances. It’s thus a very concentrated form of Aloe Vera for your skin. Stabilization prevents oxidation and seals in aloe’s natural potency in its purest form.

It’s different from the others

While Aloe Vera Gel can be commonly found in the market, the ingredient make-up of the product makes a vast difference in the benefits it brings. (Tip: Look at the ingredient list. The first ingredient that appears has the highest composite in the product. The percentage composite decreases subsequently the later an ingredient appears)

Throughout your recovery process, ensure good sun care habits (Read more about sun prevention here). Do not pick at your peeling skin to avoid aggravation. Hydrate yourself with fruits and water to deliver moisture to your skin inside out.

Stay tuned to learn more about how facial treatments can help to expedite the skin’s repair process through cell regeneration and oxygenation!