First of many to come

Hi everyone,

this is the brand new Porcelain blog. It will permanently substitute the previous Promotions blog on Blogspot. We hope to reduce confusion by having everything in the same domain.

The functions of this blog will also be a little different from the Promotions blog. With the most obvious name, the Promotions blog’s sole purpose was to inform you guys about the promotions we have. It was the easiest way (then), to get information out to the world because there are next to no techies in Porcelain. 🙂

Now, with the addition of our E-newsletter, we are generating more content than before. We find it necessary to aggregate these content in the same space so it will be more searchable and accessible by everyone.

Do bear with us if things are not perfect yet, we are trying our best! If you have any feedback on how to further improve the consumer experience, we really appreciate if you can share them with us so we can improve.

In the meantime, do enjoy the rest of the many Porcelain blogposts to come! 🙂


porcelain face spa team