Neck Wrinkles – Causes & Solutions

What Causes Neck Wrinkles?

Sun ExposureExcessive sun exposure doesn’t just cause sun and age spots, but it causes textural and internal damage to the skin as well. The neck is an easy spot to miss when it comes to sunscreen application. “Photoaging” is how dermatologists describe harmful sun effects on the skin. UV rays are able to penetrate deeply, especially without proper protection, and cause a lot of harm that in some cases does not materialize for years. UV exposure expedites the natural aging process by dehydrating the skin and causing it to thin and lose its elasticity. The more quickly this occurs, the more quickly wrinkles develop.

Smoking And DrinkingSmoking accelerates the aging process of the skin. It causes premature aging, which brings on wrinkle formation earlier than the natural aging process and deepens existing wrinkles. Smoking adds to this bad effect with its other effect on skin hydration. It dehydrates the skin as well, which slows down normal cell processes that keep the skin healthy. Like smoking, alcohol also starves the skin of the nutrients and oxygen supply that it requires, since alcohol narrows the blood vessels. Both smoking and alcohol inhibit the supply of vitamin A to the skin, which thereby prevents the skin from shedding old skin cells and generating new ones. Both habits dramatically damage the skin’s elasticity and collagen production, which yields thin, wrinkled skin, especially in the neck area.

GravityGravity pulls on our bodies more and more as we age, and as it pulls down the skin, it affects the skin’s elasticity. This is especially true after the age of 50. Gravity has a huge impact on the aging neck, where the skin seems to become looser and sag faster than any other place on the body. This loose, saggy skin has no support or elasticity, and therefore exhibits wrinkles more easily than on the face.

How To Prevent Neck Wrinkles?

  • First of all keep your head straight and your chin up. This will not only improve your look and radiate self-confidence but will also do miracles with your neck.
  • The definite and deep crease that appear in this area are often results of an inappropriate posture. Keep your head high if you want to have a well-defined and age-defying neck.
  • Water is the quintessential skin care ingredient to keep wrinkles away. Consume at least 8 glasses or more per day to preserve the youth and boost the the skin firmness. This will do goo not only to this spot but also face, and the whole body in general.
  • The greatest enemy of a smooth and wrinkle-free neck is called High Pillow. Indeed sleeping like this can often make you feel better, however it can also speed up the ageing of the skin.