Nostalgia: Were You There When…?

Nostalgia is addictive, isn’t it? I’ve been on a loopy repeat on Diana Krall’s Paula Cole’s Autumn Leaves, its lulling melody never failing to take me back to… then.




There isn’t a specific time I always return to. It often depends on the time, day and mood I’m in — and how far I let it carry me. There’s just something about the languid pull of the accordion, the Spanish guitar that slows then jogs, the jazz snare…

<Hit “Play” before reading on!>

Although, it might just be the fact that we recently moved out of our shophouse office (that’s 9 years of history, mind) — that’s got us travelling back in time. Packing isn’t so much about putting things into boxes as a game of “Ooh, look what I found!”. In a bid to lighten our moving load, we then repeat the riddle of “To keep, or to throw?” (if you’re a habitual hoarder, you might want to check out this post).

If you’re anything like me, you start digging for more nostalgic scraps of history when you’ve found the tip of the iceberg. It was absolutely human for me to snoop a little deeper to unearth the different phases faces of Porcelain.

… look what I found! Were you there when…

Our therapists and HQ colleagues worked within one shophouse?

Nostalgia: Were You There When... Our therapists and HQ colleagues worked within one shophouse?

Credits: Miwitch

Were you there when our first spa opened on Cantonment Road? Then, we ran the office and spa out of the same one-unit shophouse, had one Ikea table and chair, and our founders earned peanuts while reinvesting their profits back into growing the business. The brand has now grown into 4 outlets, and the office peeps also take refuge at Porcelain HQ, our second home. We’re expanding, so holler if you’d like to join the team!

We went through a brand transformation… twice?

Take a look at the shophouse photo again. Take a look at the ones above. Notice anything different? Porcelain has always been a dynamic brand since its conception. Just looking at the photos of the many changes it’s been through, it felt like nothing is ever taken for granted at Porcelain. Whether it’s the logo that morphs, or the products that continually undergo revamps to make them better and more relevant to our clients, the one question that’s always asked is, “Does the product deserve a space on your shelf?”

Our founders faces (never) changed? 

Truth be told, our founders still look the same… Nothing nostalgic to sniff out here. Aside from a refresh in hairstyles, the two ladies still possess the same personalities, passion and drive as when they first founded Porcelain. Next.

“It’s not about a period of time or a demographic. It’s about finding romance in everything, in beauty or in things that are sad.”
– Diana Krall

What were some of your favourite, most nostalgic memories of Porcelain?

Stay True,






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