Orchid for SG50

The Revive, Makeup Cleanser is a beautifully crafted product that harnesses the benefits of the exquisite Orchid Flowers Extract to produce a hydrating, mild, yet powerful pre-cleanser.

This August, we celebrate 50 years of independence of our beautiful island home by giving back to our adopted charity – O’Joy Elderly Services. 100% of the proceeds from the sales of Revive, Makeup Cleanser will be donated to O’Joy Elderly Services.


O Joy and Porcelain


About O’Joy Care Services 

O’Joy Care Services was founded in 2004 to address the need for early intervention in case of mental health disorders and to promote healthy aging among older persons. O’Joy believes more in prevention and thus provides counselling services and active aging programmes to enhance the well-being of the silver generation.

O’Joy services promote the psycho-emotional health of the elderly and empower his or her family and caregiver to accomplish the same goal. “O’Joy” which refers to oceans of joy hopes to bring this through our services and programmes.

O’Joy provides a safe environment where their pool of professionally-trained counsellors can counsel the older person aged 50 and above, and individuals at risk of, or diagnosed with depression, anxiety and dementia, at O’Joy Centre or in the comforts of their homes. O’Joy also train professional, volunteer and family caregivers to support the growing population of older persons.

To date, O’Joy has helped more than 7,500 older persons. Find out more about O’Joy Care Services.