Find Your Skin Type (Part 3) | Treatment Recommendations

It’s no secret that regular facials are an important addition to your skincare routine. Porcelain’s bespoke facials are customised and tailored to suit your individual skin concerns. They’re also the perfect complement to your daily skincare regime. Discover some of our unsung heroes and treatment recommendations. You’re one step closer to achieving your ideal skin.

Find Your Skin Type (Part 3) | Treatment Recommendations

Credits: Joe Robles


Described by our client Denise Glitz as the perfect “pre-party or pre-wedding facial”. This treatment begins with a gentle massage to stimulate microcirculation and remove surface impurities. Next, we apply a serum or blend of serums using the cryostamp, which greatly increases cellular absorption of the product nutrients. Next, Cryo-Electrophoresis stimulates microcirculation and increases cellular oxygenation. Finally, enjoy an indulgent custom-blended mask while the therapist eases your tension through a relaxing shoulder massage.

Restorative Facial

A luxurious and pampering treatment, this facial alleviates signs of stress and fatigue. This six step bespoke programme helps reduce overall skin sensitivity, reduce water retention, improve hydration and overall skin tone and elasticity. This treatment has also been described by Her World Plus as a facial which “combines high-tech wizardy of pressurized jets of hyperbanic oxygen with the manual elbow grease of your therapist”, leaving you with luminous skin.


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