SPA Search for the Perfect Mask

When searching for the perfect home-care mask for our luxurious SPA range, we were presented by manufacturers, a myriad of options of mask materials. Cloth, Cotton and Paper were the most commonly used and Silk was gaining in popularity as a luxury material. It was by chance I came across the material – Bio Cellulose when at a skin care & anti-aging convention I attended in 2009.

Marketed as “Micro-Needle” mask by one particular supplier, this material is fibers so fine it is able to cling tightly to your skin and injects your skin with the potent nutrients it carries. This innovative, professional grade material caught my attention, not only for its marketability, but also its unique structure & essence delivery system.

After a series of trials and research done over the year, we have managed to marry the perfect formulations with the best material a mask can ever be made in – Bio Cellulose. Over the year, this material has been gaining in popularity amongst high-end luxury skin care brands such as Lancome & Dior, as well as dermatological brands such as Dr.Wu.

In 3 points, here are what makes Bio Cellulose the best choice for sheet masks!

Soaks up Essences

It is made with natural plant fibers, or can be synthetically derived to form even finer nano-fibers, this material has 100 times fluid holding capacity compared to other material such as Cotton, Silk or Paper. Imagine a SUPER SPONGE soaked with nutrients all ready to be pumped into your skin.

Nutrient Delivery

Its unique fibrous structure allows the mask to cling closely to the skin, up to 2 nano-cm, allowing essences to penetrate skin even around wrinkled areas. It has also been proven to be 10 times more efficient in delivering nutrition than regular masks.

Human Skin-Like

Developed through advanced biotechnological processes to perfectly fit the human face, it has greater conformability and softness to suit all types of face shapes and sizes.


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