Sunscreen Must-Knows

We seriously can’t emphasize enough the importance of sunscreen to reduce or prevent the appearance of pigmentation and premature aging. Though we’re sure most of you do know the importance of applying sunscreen daily, there are a few other must-knows that we’d like to share today. It could change how well your sunscreen works for you.

Some of you may question – ‘why is it that pigmentation spots still appear despite me applying my sunscreen religiously?’. Well, often we apply sunscreen as a base before applying our blusher or powder. Unknowingly, some of our sunscreen gets wiped off when applying make up. So, our suggestion is to wait for 3-5 minutes for your sunscreen to set. Also, remember not to apply too much pressure when you’re applying make up. Alternatively, you can opt for a tinted sunscreen. A good tinted sunscreen should give you some coverage and a radiant glow. Then, you’re good to go, without even having to pile on more make up.

We would also recommend that you apply your sunscreen around 30 minutes before leaving home. The reason is simple. Your sunscreen needs to take some time to be fully absorbed into your skin. This would prevent your sweat from wearing it off, especially during summer climate.

Apart from knowing the importance of applying your sunscreen religiously, it is necessary for you to know what it does for you and how you can pick your perfect sunscreen.

For a start, you will often see the term ‘SPF’ on your sunscreen. This represents ‘Sun Protection Factor’, which essentially means how much longer you can stay out in the sun as compared to when you are not wearing sunscreen. This may be a little hard to comprehend, so allow me to do a bit of explanation…

If you are someone who normally gets burnt under the sun without wearing sunscreen after 15 minutes, and you’re now using a sunscreen of SPF 20, then you can now stay out in the sun for 5 hours (20×15=300 minutes) without getting sun burnt. With this in mind, you can pick the ideal sunscreen according to your activity and length of stay out in the sun.

Also, try not to be too stingy with your sunscreen. If there is a need to reapply, go ahead. Sometimes our sunscreen gets worn off due to our sweat, especially when we are involved in vigorous activities like swimming, playing beach volleyball, wakeboarding…etc.

So, remember to slap on sufficient amounts of sunscreen whenever required, because prevention is definitely better than cure!


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