Find yourself avoiding sleeveless cause of unsightly underarms? It is a common problem that many women faces, especially with excessive shaving over time, and a lack of care for your underarms.

To get rid of this problem, let us first get to the root of it and look at the common causes of dark underarms:

1. Shaving
When you shave with a razor, it results in stubbles which makes you look like you have dark underarms. Apart of that, shaving results in ingrown hair, which further worsens the appearance of dark armpits. Our recommendation is, try waxing or IPL hair removal instead.

2. Dead Skin Cells
Similar to our face, our underarms require exfoliation as well. You can scrub your underarms gently with loofahs or scrubs. Try to do it once or twice a week for best results 🙂

3. Excessive Use of Deodorants!
We understand the importance of deodorants, especially for hot climates which results in sweating and body odour that is a major turn off. However, many studies have found that the strong chemical ingredients used in some deodorants may lead to pigmentation and darker underarms. Our suggestion is, use deodorants designed for sensitive skin. They contain milder ingredients that will not be harmful to your underarm skin or cause unsightly pigmentation.

Other than switching to waxing or IPL hair removal, exfoliating regularly and opting for milder deodorants, we’re also sharing with you a few natural remedies you can use to get rid of darkened underarms:

1. Lemon Juice
Simply rub a slice of fresh lemon on the pigmented area. It’s quick and easy!

2. Vitamin E Oil
Apply some vitamin E oil on affected area. It helps to improve the smoothness of your underarm skin, making it look less rough and ‘dirty’.

3. Baking Soda!
Use baking soda to replace your deodorants! It is able to absorb extra moisture and help prevent body odour.

Remember to be diligent in your underarm care, and you’d be able to show them off comfortably and confidently!