We have been working with 2 bloggers, one which is Huirong (a blogger recommended by another of my friend) and another I shall keep a secret for a little while more, to promote Porcelain in a way which is objective and honest. In fact, we had them agree to tell them nothing but the truth about the treatments, the results and how they feel towards Porcelain and our services.

The one most important thing about being our online representative is to work with us during the treatment period. We are confident our treatments can help them achieve better skin, and all they need to do is to work with us.

No. 1 Rule: No Make Up Bases (that includes foundations, concealers, loose powder, powder, bb creams etc)

That is a pity because Huirong is a model and it is a fundamental requirement for her to apply foundations especially during photoshoots. Hence, her treatment progress will not be as effective as we would like for it to be. 🙁

Nevertheless, if you are interested to find out about what Huirong’s gotta say about us, do check it out here!