Ever wondered about the reason behind your dull skin, even after a good night’s rest and use of proper skincare? One of the key reasons behind dull skin is insufficient oxygen flow, but there are other factors that matter.

  1. Improper diet, lifestyle and dehydration causes dull skin

Our skin reflects the food we eat. Proper nutrition greatly affects the health of your skin! The late nights partying may seem like harmless #YOLO fun, but drinking and smoking severely dehydrate the skin. Keep yourself adequately hydrated after a night out, eat more fruits and vegetables and exercise regularly to get the blood pumping!

  1. Environmental pollution, too.

Environmental pollution can result in dull skin

Credit: Joe Robles

For city dwellers, smog, dust and other kinds of environmental pollutants congest our pores daily. Environmental pollution also increases the free radicals in your cells, which cause premature ageing. Ensure you double cleanse daily with an antioxidant-rich milk cleanser before your usual cleanser for a hydrating deep cleanse. This rids your skin of unwanted congestion.

  1. Lack of proper exfoliation

Regular exfoliation prevents the buildup of dead skin cells. It also stimulates the cell renewal process and microcirculation as you massage your skin. Do use gentle, hydrating exfoliators as over-drying ingredients can stimulate more sebum and unwanted skin issues.

  1. Sun exposure

Sun exposure can result in dull skin

Credit: William Randles

A bad tan is not the only problem that comes from prolonged sun exposure to the sun. Your complexion can also become dull and your skin can take on a leathery, rough feeling. Apply (and reapply) sunscreen to slow the ageing process.

  1. Air-conditioned spaces

Air conditioning may be the greatest invention of the 21st century, but it causes dehydration to the skin. Using a humidifier when and applying moisturizers before you sleep can help your skin remain hydrated!

With all these factors in play, it is important for your skincare routine to include products that are suitable for your skin. Porcelain’s new and proprietary Revive, Glycolic Acid Toner is alcohol-, paraben- and mineral oil-free to prevent skin irritation. Boasting ingredients like witch hazel, Vitamin C and aloe vera, the Glycolic Toner also has glycolic acid and lactic acid to gently exfoliate dead skin cells while thoroughly removing traces of makeup and dirt that may be left behind even after cleansing.

What’s left is skin with pH balance-restored at its natural level to allow for better absorption of products. Lactic acid, a.k.a. alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA), also increases collagen production to aid in skin regeneration as the skin ages. Besides unclogging pores and reducing the chances of a breakout, sodium hyaluronate in the toner locks in moisture to leave your complexion smooth and supple.

Here are other benefits the Glycolic Acid Toner can offer:

  • Tone and brighten skin
  • Visibly reduce the appearance of pore size
  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and other signs of ageing
  • Refine skin texture

Fixing Dull Skin: The Glycolic Toner gently exfoliates dead skin cells for a clear, radiant complexion

It is said that the eyes are the windows to one’s soul, a gateway for us to connect with the others. Looking at how drastically different one can look by simply whisking on some mascara or putting on some colored contacts, there is no doubt the eye can make a huge difference to the way you look. It is bad enough that such an important feature is the first to show signs of aging, lack of sleep, stress, etc. In this entry, lets take a look at how we can better care for the skin around your eyes and reduce that dependence on “industrial-strength” concealer.

It is known that our skin tends to lose its elasticity as we age, as it is also known that the skin area around our eyes are much more delicate and sensitive since it is the thinnest compared to all the other areas of our body. This explains why it tends to develop wrinkles, dark circles and other signs of stress more easily. In addition, the lack of sebaceous glands also makes it easier for wrinkles to develop. Facial movements and expressions such as smiling and frowning cause the formation of wrinkles and lines too.

The skin area around our eyes can also become saggy due to crying, excessive rubbing and tugging, removal of eye makeup and the continuous insertion and removal of contact lenses. At the same time, puffiness of the eyes may result due to internal dehydration, overconsumption of a large intake of salty food or in some cases, an allergy condition.


1. Hydrate

  • Your skin needs to be well hydrated to maintain its elasticity.

2. Quit Smoking

  • Smoking causes a breakdown of collagen which leads to your skin losing its elasticity.

3. Sunscreen

  • It has been shown that UV rays are responsible for up to 80% of aging.

4. Reduce facial expressions

  • Wear sunglasses whenever you are in the sun to avoid squinting
  • Look at yourself in the mirror and try to avoid expressions which creates creasing around the eye area

5. Sleep

  • Having sufficient sleep prevents blood from clotting around the eye causing dark circles

6. Avoid Alcohol

  • Alcohol dehydrates your body

7. Use the right make up remover

  • When using heavy eye make up, use oil based remover to prevent excessive rubbing and stress around your eye area

8. Eye Care Regime

  • Use specific skin care products for the eyes as they contain specific ingredients to counter eye problems
  • Go to a professional to have regular Eye Treatments to help alleviate and prevent eye problems

Start young, and preserve your youthful looking eyes before its too late. 🙂