The idea of a week without makeup is enough to make waterproof mascara streak down many a rouged cheek. But according to one makeup expert, the challenge is worthwhile one for women to consider. It’s good to give your skin a breather from wearing make-up. As much fun as it is to play with makeup, it can be as confidence-boosting, if not more so, to go without it.

“The modern aesthetic is not a face with makeup. It’s not chic anymore. We try to narrow down their skin products, their hair products and their makeup products,” said a magazine beauty editor.

When women aren’t worrying about goopy mascara or cakey foundation, they can concentrate on living life instead of looking pretty.


How To Go Without Makeup

  • Concentrate on your skin care. The best way to go without makeup is if you’ve been taking great care of your skin, so you can show it off. If you’re feeling confident about your skin you’re going to feel good about going without makeup as well.
  • Get a cleanser, a gentle exfoliant and a sunscreen. Most of the anti-aging creams out there are too rich for a woman under the age 35. If you still feel like you need anti-aging products, incorporate it; but, just like with makeup, less is more.
  • Have your lip balm handy. If your lips look healthy and moisturized, you won’t look scraggly.
  • If you must have something on your face, try a tinted sunscreen with SPF. They a small amount of coverage and sunscreen — makeup or no makeup, you should wear sunscreen everyday.


How To Go With Less Make-Up

  • Swipe on some mascara.
  • Apply a bit of a multi-tasking color product — a palette or stick you can use on your cheeks, lips, even your eyes for a touch of color. A quick application will give you a slight amount of polish and a little glow.
  • Dump the dozens of products you’re toting around and replace them with two essentials: a sunscreen and a lip balm to keep your lips looking sexy all day long.


Skin Care Mistake #1: Over washing your face
Many of us have the misconception that if you have oily skin, washing it more often will solve the problem as the oil will naturally be washed off. But please get rid of this misconception from now on, because excessively washing your face can do more harm than good. Whether you have dry or oily skin, over washing is simply harmful. This is because it dries out your skin, and your sebaceous glands respond by overproducing oil, so you will end up with skin that may be severely dehydrated but appears oily on the surface. This is why many of us are caught in this vicious cycle of over washing our faces and ending up with dehydrated skin while thinking that it is oiler than before. Continually doing this will cause your skin’s pH level to be unbalanced and will lead to poor texture and breakouts. Hence, over washing is an absolutely no-no!




Skin Care Mistake #2: Choosing harsh products that may not suit your skin at all
I understand that many of us are eager to see results in our skin care regime and we want to see it fast, but that does not mean you should always choose skin care products with the maximum strength. Sometimes, stronger just does not mean better, especially when it comes to skin care. I know many people with acne prone skin will tend to fall prey to such incorrect usage of products such as buying the pimple cream with the higher strength benzoyl peroxide thinking that it’d definitely be more effective. But please bear in mind that the high strength version is also more likely to irritate your skin and cause dryness which might even lead to your skin peeling. Hence, choose the strength that your skin requires, nothing more, nothing less.

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Skin Care Mistake #3: Changing your skin care products frequently
There is an array of skin care products out there which looks very tempting to buy. Thus, many of us simply buy mindlessly without taking note of what constant changes in our skin care products can do to our skin. As much as changing your skin care products can satisfy your desire for wanting to try something new, it can also harm your skin and throw off your skin’s pH level and moisture balance. So if you feel that your current skin care products are not doing what they should do for you, try to eliminate them one by one and replace with new products gradually.

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Skin Care Mistake #4: Switching your skin care provider too often 
Many of us go for facials once every few months and we end up with different skin care providers every single time just because we want to find ‘the best one’. At the end of the day, we will also find that these skin care providers are just not producing results that we hope to see. We want clear, radiant, flawless skin, but it is just not happening! As much as we want the skin care provider to work wonders for us, this is simply not how our skin works. Our skin takes time to heal and we will need to be patient. Skin care is long term and you need to find a skin care provider that you can trust to hold your hand throughout this entire process.



Skin Care Mistake #5: Not applying sunscreen daily 
The importance of sunscreen can’t be emphasized enough. So please remember to apply them you are out. UV rays can cause damage to your skin and if not taken after, it will lead to dull, uneven skin tone, as well as pigmentation. I’m sure we all do not want this to happen. So, invest in a good sunscreen and apply them daily.


Begin a healthy diet and lifestyle:  Your lifestyle habits do not only affect your health but also affects the way you look. Therefore, in order to feel healthy and look healthy, it is important to have a well-balanced diet and reduce your salt intake as well as consumption of fried or unhealthy stuff.

Also, our skin regenerates itself while we are asleep. Hence, it is not difficult to understand why a lack of sleep will be detrimental to our skin’s health. In order to achieve healthy and glowing skin, be sure to sleep early and get at least 6 hours of sleep. I’m sure these tips are not new to us, but despite knowing it, many of us still fail to be disciplined enough.

So if it helps, try to do this step by step, start by reducing the amount of junk food you eat and sleeping an hour earlier than you normally do and gradually improve your lifestyle habits. Remember, all this effort put in to maintain our body and skin health is for our own good, and it’s worth it!

Reduce stress levels:  Make it a point to give yourself some personal time and space to do things that you like such as reading a book. At the same time, it is important that work and stress are not causing you to withdraw from your friends, family and other social activities as keeping to yourself may cause severe stress or personal issues.

Pamper yourself once in a while. Go for a short massage, spa or manicure, or even plan for a short trip overseas with your friends or family. You will feel re-charged and revitalized, and you will be surprised by the improvement in your productivity level.

Practice a proper skincare regime:
1. Cleansing – It is an important step as it removes dirt, excess natural skin oils, bacteria etc. It also helps your skin breathe and attain the correct nourishment.
2. Exfoliation- Exfoliate your way to radiant skin
3. Toning – Toning balances your pH level, minimizes your pore size and prepares your skin for further treatments. It also replenishes the moisture you lose when you cleanse your face.

Enhance your beauty: At Porcelain, we believe that good skin should be clear and radiant from within. To do so, we advocate “foundation free” makeup so as to let our skin breathe. Nevertheless, we understand the importance of makeup to many women nowadays.

Hence, here are some simple makeup tricks to enhance your overall appearance without adding burden to your skin:
1. Apply a light tinted sunscreen as a base to protect your skin against UVA and UVB rays.
2. Apply thin liner using pencil/liquid liner, whichever you prefer and draw the line as close to you lash-line as possible, so it looks very natural but at the same time accentuates your eyes.
3. Apply mascara by placing the mascara wand at the roots of your lashes, going in a zig zag motion to ensure that the lashes are separated. Repeat this motion to make sure you get every lash. Remove clumps with a lash comb to get your desired natural look.
4. Finish off your look with a natural lip colour.

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One of the most frustrating things that can happen to you is having a huge zit on your cheek, or even worse, on the tip of your nose just the night before an important event or party.

But fret not, because now, we are going to teach you a few easy home remedies that can help you fix these zits!

1. You can apply aloe vera gel on the affected area. Aloe vera has amazing healing properties that can help to repair and calm your irritated skin.

2. Crush Aspirins (you should be able to find it in any local pharmacy or supermarket) in a small bowl and add a few drops of warm water, aloe vera gel or honey to make it into a thick paste. Apply on the affected area and wash it off after it dries up.

3. Put a bit of baking soda in a bowl and mix it with water until it forms a thick paste. Then apply it onto the affected area and wash it off the next morning.

4. Squeeze some lemon juice and apply it to your entire face. Once it dries up, you can wash it off. You will experience, clearer and brighter skin after that.

5. You can also try using tea tree oil on the affected area before sleeping. It helps to calm and soothe inflammation, reduce infection and also prevent future zits from emerging.

Most importantly, you must bear in mind not to scratch or squeeze a zit. Excessive touching will only further irritate it, making it more inflamed and infected, resulting in an angrier looking zit. You should also avoid over-washing or over-scrubbing your zit. Doing so will only strip your skin of its natural oil to stay healthy. So remember to keep to the normal regime of washing your face twice a day, instead of attempting to “wash” off that zit of yours.

We all know it’s very tempting to pile loads of make up on the zit to give it maximum coverage. But it is also important to let your skin “breathe”. By piling make up on your zit, it will clog your pores even further and slow down the recovery process. So, please give your skin a chance to “breathe”, especially when it’s already infected.

Remember to follow these tips and remedies and you will be able to attend all important functions and events “zit free”!

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The state of your skin will reflect what you eat. Some foods are good for your skin, giving it the nutrients that it needs, making it look smooth, radiant and young. While some foods can cause you to have bad skin, leading to premature aging, tired looking skin or even break outs!

Let’s look at some of these foods that contribute to bad skin:

1. Caffeine – Caffeine is present in beverages like coffee, tea, hot chocolate and colas. It makes your skin look tired, dull and aged. Caffeine also reduces the moisture level of your skin. Our dermal layers need fluids to replenish cells and maintain healthy cell growth. Hence, you should try to cut down on caffinated beverages as much is you can to achieve a healthy, glowing skin.

2. Processed Foods – The consumption of processed foods does not just affect the appearance of your skin but is harmful to your body as a whole. Due to processing, foods lose most of their important nutrients and thus may not be able to provide our body with the vital nutrients it needs to function effectively. More importantly, preservatives, artificial food colors and other chemical additives, which are added during processing, may cause allergic reactions and other skin problems.

3. Oily and fatty foods – Foods that contain huge amounts of saturated fats, trans fats and hydrogenated oil are bad for the skin. When these bad fats are subjected to heat from cooking, it may release toxins or free radicals. Free radicals are one of the many causes of aging. Thus, consumption of foods packed with bad fats will increase the risks of skin break outs.

4. Alcohol – Alcohol is bad for your liver, which is like your filter system. By drinking alcohol, you will increase the chances of damaging your liver, and deprive your skin of receiving its necessary nutrients. Hence, regular consumption will result in tired looking skin. Not only that, alcohol dehydrates your skin, making it dry and irritated. It also dilates the capillaries, making fine blood vessels visible. This is why heavy drinkers tend to look red and if drinking is not controlled, the capillaries will remain dilated.

5. Salt – Salt causes tissues to swell, and the subsequent deflating results in reduced elasticity for your skin. This is why salt is known for causing water retention and you should avoid eating salty foods late at night to prevent getting your face all puffed up the following morning.

6. High Glycemic Index Foods – Foods that are high GI includes white rice, white bread, baked potato and most desserts. High GI foods are easily digested and readily converted into sugar or glucose. Such high levels of glucose in the blood can trigger several hormonal activities which may cause acne. Also, sugar molecules attach readily to collagen. This results in collagen depletion which will cause your skin to lose its elasticity eventually lead to premature aging.

After looking at what bad foods can do to your skin, you may want to start watching what you put into your mouth. You will feel healthier and see the positive changes in your skin!