There are so many skin myths and legends out there and with everything you see and hear, our heads often get cluttered with information. It’s time to forget all of that and grasp the fact that your skin may be suffering due to everyday mistakes that you can literally change in a flash. Skin care is a lot more complex than making sure you’re using the right products for your skin type and getting regular facials–it’s often the little things that make all the difference in the world. With the pointers below, you can easily transform your skin by simply changing your everyday activities.

If your skin is dry, washing it in the morning could actually make things worse. Instead, rinse with only water in the morning, and wash your face with cleanser at night. If you wash it with only water, you’ll still be cleaning it rather than stripping it of its natural oils.

When you work out, if you get too hot and sweaty, watch out. If you’re sweating it up in your Bikram yoga class, the temperature may trigger hyper-pigmentation, especially areas on your face that are already red. If you’re prone to redness, try an alternative type of yoga and definitely stay out of the sauna.

How often do you wash your pillowcase? If you’re having an issue with acne, your pillowcase may be to blame. They collect oil, bacteria, your lotion residue, and even dead skin cells–when you rest your face against all of that, the grime gets right up into your pores. Change your pillowcase once or twice a week to ensure that you’re not making your skin issue any worse.

When you don’t sleep, your skin will look duller, drier, and it will be more prone to wrinkles. If you have trouble sleeping, take a warm shower before bed to raise the body’s core temperature, ultimately making you sleepy. Since hot water tends to dry out skin, make sure you moisturize it right when you get out of the shower.

You know the rumor that birth control helps your skin? Well, that’s not always true. Oral contraceptives can actually upset your skin since the hormones in it make pigment cells more sensitive to the sun–resulting in blotchy and unattractive skin. Try switching to a low-dose estrogen formula and always, always wear sunscreen.